Womens Wear and Menswear by Hering Store

Hello guys of Campo Grande, Dourados and region … is anybody there? Stay tuned because this post is especially for you! Yes … has another diquinha out of the oven and this time everybody can celebrate because today the site is for them. We received several messages asking for more female and male fashion tips, men too adoooram anyway a good guess. All though they are a little more shy, discreet, don’t most closely linked in the fashion universe and some even find it a tremendous mess around, but we can’t deny that every day can only grow their interest by the fashion world. Isn’t that right boys? And since laziness is what we don’t have in our little bodies, we rolled the sleeves and leave for one more mission meet the requests from our readers.

We went to the stores hering, Campo Grande and Dourados (MS), and we set up a Fashion Editorial megaaa inspiring, full of fashion tips for both girls and boys, with super parts trends, by the way the guys like! For those who don’t know, the history of the Cia. Hering began in 1880, when the brothers Bruno and Hermann Hering, German immigrants, founded in the city of Blumenau (SC) making t-shirts, continuing a family tradition that dates back to the 12th century. More than 130 years, the CLA. Hering is today the largest clothing products company of Brazil and the world of Latin America. It was in 1993 that the CLA. Hering sought through the franchise system an alternative to implement and spread your business concept, creating the network hering. Pretty cool huh? Amend success stories, especially when it comes to Brazilian companies.