“Women Find Attractive Men In Shorts”

How has our underwear in the course of time changed? Why is this hip, what was long out? An interview with an expert on bamboo slips, ungulate and the sex appeal of long underwear.

Mirror ONLINE: Cotton panties woman Cordner, considered ungulate. Right?

Cordner: Underwear is not only to seduction, but also comfort and hygiene. Cotton is still the best material for the skin. You also can a hot wash of it, than other materials. Today, women wear also like organic, sustainable fabrics such as bamboo. And even panties cotton can be very sexy. Natural materials are a rebellion against the naughty nineties.

Susanna Cordner Assistant curator is for textiles and fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is part of a team that manages a collection of more than one hundred thousand pieces. Already while studying art history, she specialized in fashion history.

Mirror ONLINE: Why was the underwear of the nineties naughty?

Cordner: At that time, there was untutored, if the thong back out look. And he has often, because women in the 1990s have worn deep jeans. Underwear fits always the upper wash. The deep pants at that time led to an extreme display of underwear.

Mirror ONLINE: How about to the leggings? Underwear or pants?

Cordner: The Leggings have been through a development. They were used as women’s underwear, which helped women also directly on the skin without any extra underwear. Because we us today on the road show like to sporty and trendy sports such as yoga, where women also like to wear leggings, they have found their way to the outside. Whether that is beautiful, is controversial. We show a leggings by Vivienne Westwood in the exhibition. Who is pink with mirror glass in the form of the fig leaf on the genital area and – for men.

Mirror ONLINE: Sexy. Was there ever a time where men could wear long pants and were so fashionable accepted?

Cordner: Long Johns are comfortable and soft, you wear them like at home, so we include them to the so-called Loungerie. They have no reputation due to their narrow tapered legs which we also know as carrot pants. But, I gotta tell you long underwear experience a revival. Young, hip men in England wear it again.

Mirror ONLINE: And what to wear the young, hip men, if they have not just long underwear: Boxer shorts or tight briefs?

Cordner: As the brand in 1948 brought the first boxers Sunspel to England, they triggered a revolution. Shorts were extremely popular. Today, men under 30, which often have their mothers to buy underwear, wear rather tight underpants. As they get older, the more frequently they opt for Boxer shorts. For the women, the choice is clear: you can find attractive men in shorts.

Mirror ONLINE: What looked like the first underwear actually ever carried?

Cordner: We have always been somewhat under our clothes, to set a precise moment for the first wash, is difficult. Our exhibition presents pieces from 1750 until today. What we can say is that the concept of underwear over the years has changed enormously. We have for example pieces from the 18th century for women and men. The supports in the corset from the whalebone whales, including she wore a linen shirt. It was at that time in particular important that the underwear supports the breast and the linen was convenient and hygienic.

Mirror ONLINE: Fish leg under the breast sounds anything but pleasant. Corsets are known generally, not just for their feel-good factor.

Cordner: Furthermore we want to debate in the exhibition. We therefore show on x-rays as internal organs suffer when the waist is zusammengeschn rt. Until the BRA was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, women of all classes wore corsets to support the breast. They helped and in orthopedic problems. We have for example a girdle for men, which should assist in the riding. With him, it was easier to improve the posture on horseback. And that was ultimately better for the rider.

Mirror ONLINE: Today, we got rid of these devices to the happiness and can wear just lingerie.

Cordner: By about. In contrast to the historical corsets and Huftgurteln, we show the Hufttrainer and the butt lifting underwear (“butt lifter”), which uses also Kim Kardashian . The girdle is made of spandex, as much as possible is to sweat it. It recommends that to bear him eight hours sleep or work out on the day. He pulls the trigger about its wearer and the material rubs with every movement on the skin.

Mirror ONLINE: It’s in fact not much better than a whalebone corset. There’s the also in convenient?

Cordner: Yes, that is it. In the exhibition, we show a piece of designer Roxey Ann Caplin. She invented a corset in the 19th century, which supports the body, without squeezing the internal organs. Thus, the ladies in London and Manchester have made even sports without suffering pain.