What Type Am I And What Stands For Me

Each figure is unique and yet there are different patterns that can be repeated and typed by most characters in letters. Some immediately know what type they are. If you are still unsure, the description will tell you about your character. We will provide you with sample articles that are good for you.

Their Figure Corresponds To An A-Line

The figurine type A is also called the “Birnentyp” because the figures of the women of this figurine resemble the letter A or a pear. You are an A-type, if you have narrow shoulders and arms, a flat stomach, powerful thighs as well as lean calves and fetters.The hips and buttocks are wider than the shoulder part. Circles are mainly sitting on the buttocks and thighs, sometimes so strongly pronounced that one speaks of riding trousers.

Advantages Of The Fig-Type A-Type

The narrow upper body of the figure A line should be particularly emphasized with a figure-pointing outfit. This creates an optical equilibrium, because shoulders, arms and upper body resemble the naturally wider hips at least optically. It is very important: buy your tops calmly, if necessary two numbers smaller than trousers, skirts or jeans.

Covers For The A-Type

Wear blouses or shirts with ruffles, voilants, frills.

Water cut out and applications emphasize your upper body.

Patterns are very good for this Figurty.

V cut-outs, playful collar shapes and fabric crosses are great.

Wrap dresses and wrap shirts are also excellent.

Pants & Skirts For The A-Type

Plain, plain pants and skirts are recommended.

The darker the color, the narrower the hips, buttocks, thighs and legs.

You should give up large-scale patterns better.

Skirts in A-line, emphasize the slim waist and conceal otherwise.

Pants should have a straight line.

No leggings that sit tight and apply.

A-Type: Tips And Tricks For Laminating

The figuratively critical area, ie the transition from the slender waist to the wider hips should try to conceal. This works well with other but nevertheless waisted tops. Tops with pegs are also suitable if the peg does not end on the widest part of your hips. This applies to all tops, especially blazers and jackets: they should end either over or under the widest point of your hips so as not to make them even wider. Long sweaters or knit coats, wrap dresses or tunics, which you wear with a narrow, loosely bound belt that emphasizes your narrow waist, conceal the wider waist part.

Their Figure Corresponds To An X-Line.

Why X-type? Because this type of figure is similar to the letter X or an hourglass. And so does the figure. The shoulder part is about as wide as the hip part and the waist is very narrow. The breast is medium to large, the thighs are strong. So some woman with an X-figure says of herself that she is too chubby. But your full curves, the narrow waist and the flat flat stomach are dreamlike – at least dream of your female body many women and men. The following is an example of how you can put your femininity in a particularly beautiful setting with suitable clothing and accessories:

Covers For The X-Type

The best are fabrics that do not apply like cotton or linen.

Colors and patterns are good for the X-type – except stripes or checks.

No flowers and striking patterns on the chest or buttocks.

Dress best in waisted, hip-length tops.

A deep V-neck additionally emphasizes the figure line.

Trousers & Skirts For The X-Type

Choose tight pants and skirts that emphasize your charms.

Narrow pencil skirts, which end around the knee, are optimal.

Also the mini skirt can wear the X-type and show leg.

The perfect trouser shape is tight fit, with straight or slightly flared legs.

X-Type: Tips And Tricks For Laminating

As a problem zone women of the figurine X-line often feel too big a bosom or an all-round butt. With an optimally shaped bra, which minimizes the breast (Minimizer-BH), you can already get the best out of the way. When assembling your wardrobe, you should pay attention to the fact that the clothes show your curves on the one hand, but not too tight on the other. Too close matters would reveal too small pots. But too wide, voluminous clothing is unfavorable to you. She covers curves and figure – both to your disadvantage. Your outfit should turn around the narrow waist.

Their Figure Corresponds To An H-Line

The H-type is also called banana type. Banana? Yes! Because of the uniform line between shoulders and hips, these figurines are named after the exotic fruit. The typical features are the weakly pronounced waist, the rather small breasts, the flat butt, the mostly slender arms and legs. The upper body has almost the same dimensions as the hip part. Most H women are quite slim.Sometimes, however, they appear lascivious, because the typical female rounds are not quite as striking.

Advantages Of The Figurine H-Line

Anyone who has recognized himself as an H-type, thanks to the typical character features mentioned, may occasionally interfere with his figure because she does not seem to him to be feminine enough. Stop it! They have a body that many women dream about: they have little or no fat pads, are slim and slim and can dress with their sporty figure in almost everything the fashion season offers for season. Only a few more curves can conjure you.

Covers For The H-Type

Slightly waisted, not too short tops make you visibly more curvy.

With tunics you get more volume for the breast part.

Choose loose bound belts for a waist.

Your tops may be shirred.

Blouses are especially well-suited for you.

Pants & Skirts For The H-Type

The most suitable are skirts, which give plenty like tulip skirts and bell skirts.

Ruffles and draping or large pockets make the Po look more rounded.

Pants should be a little farther, looser and casual.

Chino pants, for example, are ideal for the Figurtypen H line.

H-Type: Tips And Tricks For Laminating

You want to show more curves? Let’s go! This is how you conjure up the hips and buttocks, but do not want to miss out on three-length sleeves, which make your long-sleeved arms look lanky. Too far, your clothes should not fail because the width emphasizes the straight and angular H-line. In the case of a roll collar, it is also advisable to be careful: If you have too wide shoulders, you should not emphasize this with a rolli.

Their Figure Corresponds To A V-Line.

The Figurtyp V line is also called V type or apple type. For women of this figurine type resemble a V or an apple: above, broader than below. This type stands for figures whose lower body is blessed with beautiful legs. The upper body is usually of a strong nature and has a roundish appearance, the breast is large. The abdomen is often more rounded. The hip part is significantly narrower than the shoulder part.

Advantages Of The V-Type

The advantages of women of the figurine V line are obvious: the slender legs with the same thighs, calves and fetters are a real eye-catcher. The decollete tea, which is often particularly beautiful, is also an advantage of your figure. The bottom is rather flat, which is also an advantage for you. With the appropriate dresses you will be particularly attracted to these advantages. We will show you how to do that.

Tops For The Figure In V-Line

Well, plain plain plain tops in light tones.

Do not wear any eye-catching patterns, as these emphasize the upper body.

Tunics and longer waisted blouses made of lightweight materials are perfect.

Upper parts should be as long as possible, in order to stretch the upper body visually.

V-cutouts and ruffles fit very well.

The emphasis should be in length and not in width.

Pants & Skirts For The V-Type

Skirts with bright patterns OR bright colors are suitable for the V-type.

Both skirts and trousers should be slightly tighter.

The shape of the pants for the V-type: models with wide legs.

There is also a leggings with a casual flowing top that conceals the thighs.

V-Type: Tips And Tricks For Laminating

The problem area is the strong shoulder part, the large chest and the existing belly. It is to conceal it. Therefore, everything should be avoided on clothing, which emphasizes shoulders, chest and abdomen. Shoulder pads, ruffles, gatherings and applications are not an advantage for V-lines. Solid, coarse materials also do not. Emphasize cleavage tea and show off your beautiful legs and back shoulders, chest and belly discreetly into the background. Wide, too large-looking clothing makes you bulky and voluminous (Oversized Style).

Their Figure Corresponds To An O-Line.

Advantages Of The Figurtypen O Line

With all the abundance toprum, many orange-type women downrum have particularly beautiful legs to show off. Also the Dekolletee is often very beautiful. Two benefits you can build on. We will show you which garments help to show you the best.

Shells for O-type

Choose simple, simple cut tops made of light materials.

Bright, pastel colors are an advantage.

The neckline and the neckline can be noticed.

Tunics, which are not body-reinforced, are very good for the O-type.

Trousers & Skirts For The O-Type

Pantsform: 7/8-pants, pants with crease or jeans with patterns.

Tubing pants, leggings and also models with blow rather avoid.

Pants best combine in the color of the shoes.

Prefer colors that make you slim!

Three-piece suit skirts fit very well – especially pencil skirts.

O-Type: Tips & Tricks For Laminating

The full hull – the orange – is what you have to cover with clothes to stretch the figure visually. In any case, do not wear shoelaces that are too tight and too short, and therefore emphasize the full fuselage. Wear a little longer, longer sleeves instead.Our tip: the tunic type O-line tunics are particularly good. If they are comfortable cut, they will advantageously conceal your problem zone. In short: orange figures can never have enough of tunics! But there are more tops that are good for you. These include, for example, vests, ponchos and shirts, which are further exposed to the center. Have fun exploring.


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