Weather in Botswana by Month

Weather in Botswana by Month

Hot, dry and rarely wet – the weather in Botswana holds few surprises in store for a country in southern Africa. Except that the seasons are different from what we are used to in Austria. Winter is in June, July and August. Spring lasts from September to October. Summer time is from November to March. Autumn can be seen in April and May.

Depending on where you do wildlife viewing in Botswana and which regions you want to visit, Botswana is a year-round travel destination . If you do not yet know when you want to travel to the country of the safaris, you can now find out about the weather in the different months. I will explain to you what temperatures you can expect and what special features there are.

Botswana weather in January

In January there summer and is hot in Botswana. According to HEALTHVV, the daytime temperatures are 32 degrees Celsius or higher. It stays warm at night as the temperatures do not drop below 20 degrees Celsius. The number of hours of sunshine is low, the rainy days in this month are all the higher. Next to December, January is the month with the most precipitation. There are typical summer thunderstorms and short, heavy rains.

Botswana weather in February

The February part of the rainy season , also known as Green Season or Emerald Season. The temperatures are similar to those in January. With 32 degrees Celsius it is hot during the day and warm at night with 20 degrees Celsius. The rainy days go back a little. But there are heavy rains on around 6 rainy days in February. At 5 hours, the sun shines one hour longer than in January. February is the time when baby animals see the light of day.

Botswana weather in March

The March heralds the end of the summer , and thus the rainy season in Botswana. The temperatures during the day decrease and at night it is only around 18 degrees Celsius. The rainy days are the same as in February and tropical rains can still occur. They are usually short but strong. Due to the damp weather, there are still many mosquitoes in the country – typical for the rainy season in Botswana.

Botswana weather in April

The autumn is here and is reflected in its full bloom. The land is wonderfully green because the rainy season has ended. The temperatures cool down and the air is pleasantly fresh. During the day it is warm in summer with 29 degrees. But the daytime temperatures are deceptive, because at night it is not warmer than 14 degrees. The rainy days decrease to 2 per month and it is significantly drier in Botswana. The generally best travel time begins!

Botswana weather in May

Unlike in Europe, winter in Botswana begins in May . But instead of cold temperatures, the country in southern Africa is around 26 degrees Celsius. Warmer clothing is advisable for the nights, as it is anything but warm at 10 degrees Celsius. You should be prepared for a safari in the morning or in the evening. However, the hours of sun rise and you can enjoy up to 9 hours of sun a day. There is rain 2 days a month.

Botswana weather in June

It is the heyday of the dry phase in Botswana. The entire country is dry, as it rains a maximum of 1 day in June . But there is one exception: the Okavango Delta. The masses of water from the Angola Mountains move in here, creating abundance of water and wetlands. In addition, the temperatures continue to drop. It is 24 degrees Celsius during the day and 7 degrees Celsius at night. There are also 1 rainy day and 9 hours of sunshine.

Botswana weather in July

Besides June, July is the coldest month of the entire year. The daytime temperatures are at a wonderful 24 degrees Celsius, but the night is tough. At 6 degrees it is really cold and you shouldn’t go on safari in the morning or in the evening without warm clothes. In the winter time there is often frost at these temperatures. No wonder that many animals warm up in the warm sun during the day! Usually it doesn’t rain in July.

Botswana weather in August

Temperatures begin to climb from August . During the day, 27 degrees Celsius, as well as at night, 10 degrees Celsius, it gets noticeably warmer. There are the best weather conditions for a safari in many regions of the country. Since it usually only rains on one day in August, the animals have to be satisfied with a few watering holes. All sorts of wild animals gather here. Enjoy the 9 hours of sunshine every day!

Botswana weather in September

In September starts spring in Botswana. This time of year is characterized by hot days and comparatively fresh nights. The temperature difference between day and night is around 15 degrees. September scores with 9 hours of sunshine a day and only 1 rainy day. Spring is the dry season in Botswana . Due to the low humidity, Europeans can cope well with the African heat of 30 degrees.

Botswana weather in October

The last month in spring is tough. The temperatures are around 33 degrees and not infrequently they are far higher. You should avoid the midday heat and go on safari at other times of the day. The animals also have to struggle with the extreme heat and you can find them at the few watering holes. At night it is pleasant with 17 degrees Celsius. You don’t need to dress warmly and you can safely leave thick clothes at home.

Botswana weather in November

The summer in Botswana begins. At the same time, the rainy season sets in, which is usually much shorter than the dry season. Increased precipitation and great heat are characteristic of the weather in November . The short but heavy rain means that many unpaved roads in the reserves and nature reserves are muddy and therefore impassable. Safaris are difficult, if at all, to be possible.

Botswana weather in December

With 9 rainy days , December is one of the rainiest months. Extreme heat of up to 32 degrees Celsius is another characteristic of the Botswana weather in December. At night, 19 degrees Celsius is pleasant to recover from the heat of the day. The hours of sunshine are only 5 per day and still bring enough sunshine to enjoy. This month again, safaris are difficult to manage.

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