Washington State Overview

Washington State Overview

The state of Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It is bordered by Oregon to the south, Idaho to the east, and Canada to the north. With an area of 71,362 square miles, it is the 18th largest state in the country. Washington is home to over 7 million people, making it the 13th most populous state.

Washington was first explored by Europeans in 1775 when Spanish explorer Bruno de Hezeta sailed into what would later become known as Puget Sound. In 1846, Britain and America agreed to a joint occupation of Oregon Country with the 49th parallel as its northern border. This division created what would eventually become Washington and Oregon. The area was officially admitted into the Union as a state on November 11th, 1889 making it the 42nd state in America.

Washington’s landscape varies greatly from one part of the state to another. In Eastern Washington, much of it consists of semi-arid shrublands, grasslands and deserts that are part of the Columbia Plateau region. To the west lies Puget Sound which consists of islands and fjords that are surrounded by lush evergreen forests and rainforests that are part of a temperate maritime climate zone found along coastal areas from Northern California up into Alaska.

Washington’s economy has traditionally been driven by its agricultural sector with wheat being its main crop for many years until recently when apples became its top agricultural export product due to its favorable climate for growing them successfully year after year. The state also has thriving industries related to aircraft manufacturing and technology software development which have helped keep unemployment rates low despite economic recessions affecting other parts of America throughout recent decades.

The city of Seattle has become one of America’s cultural hubs offering an array entertainment options for visitors including music venues like The Showbox or The Crocodile which have been around since 1994 hosting some of music’s biggest acts such as Nirvana or Pearl Jam during their early days before they were famous worldwide acts they are today. For outdoor enthusiasts there’s plenty to explore such as Olympic National Park or North Cascades National Park where you can go hiking or camping while enjoying breathtaking views along your journey through these majestic landscapes found in Washington State.

The University Of Washington located in Seattle is currently ranked among one of America’s best universities providing students with world class education opportunities while also offering them access to Seattle’s thriving job market upon graduation, making it an attractive option for those looking for a high quality education combined with potential career prospects nearby once they finish their studies at UW Seattle campus location or any other campus location such as Tacoma or Bothell campuses found within driving distance from Seattle city center itself.

In conclusion, Washington State is an incredible place filled with diverse landscapes from mountain ranges like Mount Rainier or Olympic Mountains all way down towards Puget Sound coastline which offer plenty activities for those seeking outdoor adventures while also providing cities like Seattle with plenty entertainment options coupled with world class educational institutions like University Of Washington making this great state an ideal destination for anyone looking a place full life experiences no matter what type traveler you may be.

Main Counties in Washington

According to countryaah, the state of Washington has the following major counties:

1. King County – the most populous county in Washington, home to Seattle and many surrounding cities.

2. Pierce County – located south of King County, includes the cities of Tacoma, Puyallup, and Lakewood.

3. Snohomish County – located north of King County and includes the cities of Everett, Marysville, and Lynnwood.

4. Spokane County – located in eastern Washington and includes the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley.

5. Clark County – located in southwestern Washington along the Oregon border and includes the city of Vancouver.

6. Yakima County – located in central Washington near the Cascade Mountains and includes the cities of Yakima and Ellensburg.

7. Kitsap County – located on Puget Sound across from Seattle and includes the cities of Bremerton, Silverdale, and Port Orchard.

8. Thurston County – located south of Puget Sound near Olympia and includes the cities of Lacey, Tumwater, and Olympia

Washington State Overview