V Ave Shoe Repair Launches Candle with the Scent of Summer

Stumps, shiny Lakes and Berslagsidyll is the starting point when Swedish V Ave Shoe Repair is embarking on a new design path. Namely fragrances. On December 12, 2012 release V Ave Shoe Repair their first fragrance experience in the form of a scented candle.
This fragrant and well designed interior-and pleasure accessory has been named “Fatwood” and carries a base of pine, with overtones of grapefruit, ylang ylang and basil.

Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter, who is the designer couple behind V Ave Shoe Repair, is inspired to scent the light from his summer house in Sweden. For Damernas.se tells Lee Cotter about country life, their passion for fragrances and what we can expect next w Ave Shoe Repair…

Psst. V Ave Shoe Repairs fragrance light “Fatwood” will be sold in V Ave Shoe Repairs its own stores at Master Samuelsgatan 2 and bondegatan 1 in Stockolm, but you can also ship them home via vave-shoerepair.com. The price is set at 695 dollars.
How is it that you do a scented candle?
“It started when I was working with a charity project for a year and a half ago, where I took out a scent. I contributed my time and creativity. The fragrance was created in Paris and I was helped to bring out the color and shape of doftform. It was wonderful! Fragrance and flavor has an equal effect on us as hearing and vision.
An example of this was the first time when I went in at Colette in Paris. It was in 1994 or 1995, and I felt the scent of their room spray. When I returned to Colette after a year, I felt the same scent and could remember exactly what I had seen there when I was there the first time. Long anecdote, admittedly, but the gist is that images and scents are easy to pair. It is also an easier process to produce a scented candle than a perfume…, “says Lee Cotter to the women’s World.

Aroma light has been named “Fatwood”, why?
“I got the idea for the name after it was harvested a lot of forest out there at our country house for a couple of years ago. The stumps can be find solidified encode once used as four starters. Fatwood is an old-fashioned word for this.

What is your strongest scent memory?
“It is a memory from when i was at Bell in England and wore school uniforms. It was a uniform of flannel, and you could buy a duffel to the discounted price. It was gray with white Teddy. I remember exactly how it smelled.

Is it a good or bad odor memory?
“It is with mixed feelings that I am referring to the uniform. I hated the school uniform. You can imagine being six years old, have a tie, a jacket that stuck in the neck and shorts in the fall. However, I have always had a school uniform as the starting point in my design. And I think it is beautiful with uniform, although it stands for something that I don’t like, that all should have the same clothes and stand on a step …

Where does the inspiration for the fragrance from?
– Scent reflects not so much the fashion, but rather life itself. Primarily to go to our summer house. I wont say I calibrate brain when I am there. I need only think of food, chopping wood, if you’re going to swim or row out with the boat. It is like coming back to zero. It works not just on, but it must also be empty. And so do I. That place has become a form of basis in reality.

It sounds quite amazing…
– Yes, it is wonderful. It’s a forest guard house from the turn of the century, with lakeside property. It is right on the edge of the forest, in the vicinity of a bed and a bridge. There is no electricity, where you tvagar behind the House.

It sounds undeniably beautiful, but it also sounds very far from V Ave Shoe Repair. I think a lot about futurism and architecture when I think of V Ave Shoe Repair, rather than meadows and summer cottages …
“Our private lives is a part, and the purely aesthetic is another. We have a son, and for us it is important that he not only get to experience the big cities and fashion, but learns how it feels to walk barefoot in the grass.

First scented candle, then perfume? Or?
“I’ll be vague in my answer, but if I tell you this: I have a burning passion for fragrance and I will continue working with this. But there is no strategy or an end date for something.

What can we expect next? Is there anything you dream about designing?
“I love to design things in General and dreams of designing a Chair. But I also know my limits, and I would never be able to give me in on it. Right now I sit and draw on sunglasses – just because I think it is fun. but in response to his question, there’s a list of what we would like to make in the context of V Ave Shoe Repair.