Ursula Corbero Chooses a Design of Etxart & Panno

Whenever I publish something firm Etxart & Panno It has very good reception for your part, your comments say it all, because their designs, everything must be said, they are wonderful. Well, the Catalan company is gradually becoming a gap between large and already are many the famous who choose their proposals for festivals in popularity. And I’m sure that will give much to talk about.

The latest in show off one of their dresses from the Spring-Summer 2009 collection has been Úrsula Corberó, better known as Ruth in the famous series física o Química. The actress chosen for the red carpet of the presentation of the third season of the television series the model Amy.

A mini dress in shades of blue, from sweetheart, accompanied by a stylish red, as a belt loop, which gives a lively touch to the look. In addition, Ursula chose a few cots in Red satin game that became one of the most chic guests. For my taste, a perfect look.