Turkey Destinations

Turkey Destinations

The scenery of Cappadocia can be enjoyed all year round.

The favorite of Finns is Alanya

Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Alanya has all the services a holidaymaker needs and is a great destination for those looking for an easy beach holiday. Alanya’s package tour offer is wide and many services are also available on site in Finnish.

Alanya is a traditional beach resort, but there are several interesting excursion destinations around the city. Finns have also become acquainted with Alanya from Nelonen’s Travel Guides series, the first seasons of which were filmed in Alanya. According to countryaah, Turkey is a country located in Southeast Europe.


On the southern coast of Turkey, the average daily temperature is around 20 degrees as early as May. There is enough heat well into the fall, and the meter will not sink below 20 degrees until December. For this reason, Alanya and its Nearby Cities are excellent destinations for sun worshipers.

A classic beach resort in Marmaris

Marmaris is called the most beautiful beach resort in Turkey. Along the long beach you can walk to the neighboring resort of Icmeler. Marmaris is an important tourist city and many Mediterranean cruise ships stop there, bringing not only beach holidaymakers but also cruise tourists to the city.

In addition to Alanya, Marmaris is one of the most diverse nightlife destinations in Turkey. After a beach day you can party until the wee hours. Most discos and clubs are open until four in the morning, so during one night you can have a sip of glass at more places.

Kusadasi white beaches

Cozy Kusadasi is a popular beach destination on the west coast of Turkey. The Greek island of Samos looms from its shores. Kusadasi is especially popular with sailors. The beach holidaymaker thrives on the white sandy beaches of Kusadasi. The city’s wide range of restaurants and maze-like alleys exude an oriental feel.

Kusadasi is well suited for active holidaymakers, as in addition to sailing and water activities, you can visit Kusadasi, for example, to go hiking in the nearby mountains.

Golfers Belek

Located on the Turkish Riviera between Antalya and Alanya, Belek is especially popular with golfers. Belek’s 14 golf courses offer variety to players. If the twist after the ball starts to get bored, the beaches of Belek are right next door.

Belek is a peaceful destination for families with children. The place is built for tourists, so the facilities are good from the tourist’s point of view. The downside of the same thing, of course, is that it is more difficult to get to know the actual local life here. However, trips to nearby towns are easy to handle.

Istanbul on two continents

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is especially suitable as an urban and cultural holiday destination. Istanbul is famous for its cultural attractions. Many make the mistake of thinking of Istanbul as the capital of Turkey which is abbreviated as TUR by abbreviationfinder, but this is not the case. The country’s administrative capital is Ankara in central Turkey.

Literally at the crossroads of East and West, Istanbul’s most famous attractions on two continents are the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. You should set aside at least two or three days to explore Istanbul, as there is plenty to see. Still, even a short stop over when changing flights is worth it – then you should only choose the places to visit in advance and carefully, so that you are sure to have time to see everything. Information on the most famous destinations in Istanbul can be found here .

Many consider Istanbul to be an excellent shopping destination, as in addition to the Grand Bazaar, there are several other marketplaces in the city and the shopping streets of the city center are also bursting with a variety of gift temptations.

Cultural holiday in Ankara

The capital of Turkey, Ankara, is the administrative, commercial and transport center of the country. Ankara has good transport links around the country, but it is not a typical holiday destination. Ankara’s most interesting sights include Anitkabir and Kocatepe Mosque. The city’s main attractions can be explored in one day.

Fascinating Cappadocia is the choice of the nature traveler

The Cappadocian region in central Turkey is full of special rock formations. The landscape of the region is unique in the world. The area is historically inhabited by cave towns, some of which have survived and are now accessible to tourists. In the numerous valleys of Cappadocia, each has its own personality and look.

The most typical way to get to know Cappadocia is by bus, which takes you to a new destination every day or two. The hotel offer in the area is good and in terms of price level, there are options for every purse. Active holidaymakers travel around the countryside by bike or motorcycle. Horseback riding is also possible. Wine is also grown in the region, and tourists can get acquainted with local delicacies during their tour with a certain degree of certainty.

The most spectacular experiences in Cappadocia include a hot air balloon flight in the early morning. This is a typical way to explore the landscape from a new perspective in the area. Flights always leave early in the morning, because only then are the winds in the valleys favorable for hot air balloons.



The Turkish breakfast will keep you well until the afternoon.

The best beach resorts

  1. Ölüdeniz
  2. Marmaris
  3. Alanya
  4. Kusadasi
  5. Belek

The best cultural sites

  1. Istanbul
  2. Cappadocia
  3. Ephesus
  4. Canakkale – Troy
  5. Safranbolu

Experience these in Turkey

  1. Mediterranean toasty summer days
  2. Long formula Turkish dinner
  3. The stunning nature of Cappadocia
  4. The hustle and bustle of Istanbul’s bazaars
  5. An afternoon of pampering in a hammam