Trousers Pirata with Turn by Kristen Bell and Jennifer Anniston

The summer is made to wear more comfortable clothing that we have in our closet. Among them are, without doubt, dresses, skirts and other variations; and next to these items is another summer option: Pirate pants.

This summer there is a trend it dominates the styling of any person, especially of the famous, and is the return of the pants. Our colleagues from Mensencia already commented when speaking of the male wardrobe and we now see the example in the female field.

The protagonists are two actresses: Kristen Bell and Jennifer Anniston, both outstanding as to take note of their styles and two of my favorite and repeatedly have said, notably by the young Bell.

Even though the times are very different, it gave the chance that both opted for a few pants pirate khaki (in the case of Kristen Bell could even eliminate the term “ pirate ” because some classic Chinese) and in both styles the low pants lies with several times, no more than two or three.

In this way, the look is changed slightly since every time the trend of low bending or not varies, and above all, they look better the selected sandals, that you gain more prominence. The results seen, very cool I love.