Thief & Bandit – Potato Print For Kids In Large Format

This children’s model from Canada has got the hang of it. Simple cuts and placative prints on organic cotton are completely handmade.

It hurts me in the soul, that the little ones from the baby and children’s things are growing out so fast. So I have for me meanwhile established that I rather buy a few parts less, but these must be quite, very great and I attract them all the more excessively. It is certainly not necessary to take care of the baby’s clothing, but rather to enjoy it much more in the short time. Although we are still spat and spit at the moment, but as long as no vegetable mash is fed, the stains are still limited. So a body can be easily washed out in the evening and the next day it is already ready for use again. For boys, you do not need any more than body and leggings at the beginning, and they should then also please really nice to pop. Not necessarily always in the color, but also gladly times with prints and patterns.

As with this Canadian children’s model. With Thief & Bandit leather leggings, Amie Cunningham has fulfilled a dream. Biobaumwolle is hand-printed with giant screen printing frames. And since we currently love all cacti, the striking prints fit perfectly into this summer. Amie has, as she said, already as a child likes to string for a few minutes, drawn from comic books, fabrics dyed and dyed or dresses for dolls sewn. Later, she studied art and sculpture and finally found her passion in screen printing. She herself calls it rather obsession, because with this technique you can finally achieve unexpected results with fairly simple painting.

At some point baby came one, two and three, and at the latest it was clear that babies’ and children’s clothes would turn out of the striking fabrics. So Amie’s art now faces quite a lot of people. More than she could wish during her studies.

The models are priced between 35, – Euro and 75, – Euro. Of course the packages will also be shipped to Europe. You only have to be patient, since each model is produced only after receipt of the order. In order to keep the shipping costs low, the goods are shipped and not flown out. If you send Amie gedoch an e-mail with a note, everything gets for a few additional costs also via Air Mail home.