The Looks to Avoid at Any Summer Party for Lindsay Lohan

Temperatures reached extremely high values, the beach and the pool as best places to be, and the famous example. Or rather, quite the opposite. Because if we see the Lindsay Lohan looks in bathing suit in the summer Fiesta of las Vegas the recommendations fall under its own weight.

To go to any Beach event with certain taste you need to know first to where you are going. We are talking about that is on the beach, what do you paint one peep-toes black ankle and fringed? Nothing, they are horrible.

The option, without doubt, are smooth sole sandals and as open as possible. It’s hot! As well, it seems to Lindsay Lohan high temperatures do not affect him, he prefers to soar more than 15 centimetres on the ground (why not opt for the smooth sole) and pass heat.

Although there does not end the stylistic crime. We go with the bathing suits that the move has fabric. So much that opts for a kind of camiseta-trapo very short in front and long behind. In black, “to avoid” the heat. And combined with shorts in white. Second option: again horrible.

The third option: a Black bathroom set with the bottom in PVC, the most suitable material for the beach… Best without reviews (at least dropped the peep-toes with fringe).

And the fourth and final: set of bath in red cake. The best option of all. Fresher, more stylish (the touch of ribbons) and which sticks more to the beach. Although new footwear that you wonder if you are at the beach or in the city.

Four options that avoid at any summer party. Better look them only Lindsay Lohan.