The Bronx – New York City

The Bronx – New York City

From ghetto to object of speculation

According to liuxers, the Bronx is in northern New York City. The Harlem River separates New York’s only mainland borough from Manhattan. The Bronx is primarily populated by African Americans and Puerto Ricans. People with Italian roots are also common in the Bronx. The Bronx itself is divided into South Bronx and North Bronx.

Neighborhood of the Bronx in New York City – Spuyten Duyvil

The Bronx got its name from the supposedly first white settler in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtoday’s Bronx, the Swede Jonas Bronck (1639). For a long time, “the Bronx” was known for the extraordinarily high crime rate, for gang crime. Up until the end of the 20th century it was very dangerous for anyone to enter certain areas of the New York borough “Bronx” by day or even by night. Many criminal gangs were up to mischief there. “Thank God” the situation in the “Bronx” has fundamentally changed for the better. “The Bronx” is located in northern New York.

Bronx attractions

Hip hop music, popular worldwide today, originated in the African-American ghettos of the South Bronx in the 1970s. The newly built, famous baseball stadium ” Yankee Stadium ” is located in the south of the Bronx. The New York City Botanical Garden, the “Botanical Garden” can be found in the Bronx. The “Woodland Cemetery” is one of the largest and most extensive cemeteries in New York City. Many famous personalities found their final resting place there. Apart from the burial grounds, Woodland Cemetery looks like a huge park. In the east of the Bronx is a man-made beach area called Orchard Beach, with a good view of City Island.

Borough of the Bronx with the new Yankees ballpark

Besides ordinary tombs, many mausoleums have been erected. The “Edgar Allen Poe Cottage” is another attraction of the Bronx. “Fordham Road” can be described as the shopping paradise of the Bronx. The Bronx Zoo is definitely worth a visit.

Bronx real estate in the focus of speculators

Most of the old, dilapidated buildings have been demolished or destroyed by wanton fires. The “remediation” of the Bronx resulted in coveted building plots and high-quality real estate. The Bronx’s poor were driven out of the borough as rents soared and many people were unable to pay the rents.

The Bronx – to enjoy today almost without danger

Today it is possible to enter the Bronx largely without danger. Almost a third of the Bronx consists of parks and park-like landscapes. The Bronx has its own “Little Italy”. There, Italian restaurants and many vegetable and fruit markets characterize the cityscape. Cultural sites can also be discovered there. Arthur Avenue in “Little Italy” is particularly popular with. Walking along Arthur Avenue makes you think you are in Italy. When you get hungry, you’re in good hands at ” Mike’s Deli “. There you can find delicious, original Italian food. The meatballs in a Parmesan coating are delicious. Pizza, pasta and original Italian desserts can also be tasted at “Mikes Deli”.

City Island – quiet island away from the hustle and bustle

City Island is also a popular residential area in the Bronx. Rather quietly lying there and away from the metropolis of New York City, City Island can be reached via a bridge. City Island, with an increased standard of living, is strongly influenced by the surrounding sea. The specialties of the restaurants on City Island are therefore fish dishes (seafood) and the fruits of the sea.

Busy street on the small island City Island – Bronx

Upmarket neighborhood Riverdale

The district “Riverdale” is very worth seeing. Away from the former problem areas, the Riverdale district is located on the banks of the Hudson River. There are almost priceless villas, mansions, magnificent buildings and small cozy houses on the banks of the Hudson River. Housing in “Riverdale” is so expensive that “mere mortals” cannot live there.

Bronx attractions

  • New York Botanical Garden
  • Bronx zoo
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Grand Concourse
  • Edgar Allan Poe Cottage
  • Fordham University
  • Van Cortlandt House Museum
  • Woodlawn Cemetery
  • Wave Hill (Riverdale)
  • Pelham Bay Park
  • Orchard Beach

Isles of the Bronx

  • Pelham Islands – small group of islands
  • Chimney Sweeps Islands – small group of islands
  • City Island
  • Hart Iceland
  • high island
  • Hunter’s Island
  • North Brother Island
  • South Brother Island
  • Council Iceland
  • Riker’s Island
  • Twin Island

The Bronx - New York City