Summer Of Love: Realize The Individual Hippie Style

With Simple Tricks For Individual Hippie Outfit

Hip, hipper, modern Hippie: The boho-style of flower children is back! And not just since yesterday: modern hippie looks have been mixing vigorously with regard to fashionable trends.Everything you need for your personal Summer of Love and how different Boho looks can be individually styled, we reveal in today’s post.

The fashionable revival of the Hippie look brings back all the keypieces of the Flowerpower movement: color-loving ethnic and floral patterns, romantic lace and expressive batik prints, airy tunic and caftan sections, high-waist pants with beats, but also crisp-short denim – and leather shorts can now be seen everywhere. Accentuated is the boho fashion of fringes and jewelry made of natural materials such as leather, horn, bast, colorful beads, shells and stones. As you do with your very individual hippie style this Summer to the Summer of Love, you will learn in this article.

The great thing about the modern hippie look: it is incredibly versatile and stands, sometimes more, sometimes less strongly staged, every type of woman. Whether you’re looking for a romantic boho queen or a sporty city girl. Whether for the next beach or garden party, for a festive occasion such as a wedding or a christening or simply as a relaxed summer outfit for every day: modern flower girls are optimally attracted for almost every occasion.

And Here Are The Hippie Styles, Which Are Not To Be Missed In The Summer Of 2016:

Dresses In Hippie Style

Playful dresses belong to the hippie style like hardly any other part. Whether in a maxilength or as an airy tunic that can be combined either solo or shorts or leggings of this summer clothes with opulent ethno and hippie patterns can not be missing! Air-cut long or half-sleeved sleeves are as well as short sleeves, narrow straps or shoulder-free variants. Particularly relaxed, the Boho dresses to flat sandals or espadrilles, sporty touch lend them canvas sneakers and sexy it becomes with stilettos or the new high-laced sandals.

Trousers In Hippie Style

In addition to striking pants, which have accompanied us for a long time with a lot of leg width and often also with a high waist, this season are also airy pump, harems or sarouel pants made of soft flowing materials. Particularly elegant can also be a straight-cut fabric trousers in the pajama style, which turns up instead of eye-catching cut “pattern-perfect”. Jeans or leather shorts show leg and fit perfectly to eye-catching shoes. A simple top or an airy blouse in a plain color, which can also be found in the pattern, matches a patterned trouser. The daring daring dare to mix the pattern-and it is easy to succeed if there are color themes or a common “top theme” like Safari, Animal Print or “Plants”.Harmonious with accessories in natural tones, the look with colorful eyecatchers in pocket, shoe or jewelry form.

Jeans Parts In The Hippie Style

Whether short shorts, rocking tube, flared leg pants or dungarees: denim fits perfectly to the hippie style! Light as well as dark washings are just as popular as colored jeans looks, which give a Boho outfit even more vitality. A jeansbasic like a jeansjacke soothes soothing parts like a hippie dress in maxilength without boring. At the moment are also vests of denim, leather or as an embroidered highlight, which can be worn over airy shirts as well as elegant dresses or an uncomplicated pants-tank outfit.

Fringe Parts In The Hippie Style

Long fringes are no longer only shoes or accessories (although you are still strongly on trend). Also clothes such as jackets, vests, tops, skirts or shorts are now on a Western and present themselves thanks to refined fringes, without being too provocative. If the fringe look is too much for clothing, you can put a cool fringe with a fringed bag or fringed fringes – a classic sporty outfit will immediately get a touch of hippie style.

Hippie Styles For Every Day

It is very easy to wear and also suitable for hot days: a long maxi skirt made of airy material, plus a playful top and flat sandals. A straw hat serves as sun protection. Also a colorful cloth, tied to the turban or simply knotted in the hair, brings feminine hippie style into your look.

To the tunic dress fit summer leatherboots as well as clogs, the new heeled mules or flat sandals.With sneakers, the Boho look gets a charming break and automatically looks modern. In addition, a cool Crossbody Bag or a fringed bag and finished is a versatile look for everyday life, which with a blazer or a long vest even becomes workable.

With a top-of-the-range or tunic style, you can give a simple, classic skirt or a slim trouser an automatic blumenkinder feel without hitting the strings. With an airy cut linen or silk dress combined with colorful jewelery and a classic jacket, the hippie look is even suitable for office use! A beautiful break you’ll get with sporty to wildly patterned parts.

Boho Looks For Special Occasions

For a festive occasion or a party, it must be really sexy: the patterned Maxikleid match striking jewelery as well as extraordinary shoes. The Wow appearance is guaranteed with a waving hippie mane, soft beach waves or a cheeky undone look on short hair (crowned for example by a hippie-style hair band). Flowers in the hair fit to the hippie look, of course more than perfect, whether as a single flower or whole flower wreath.

Accessories In Hippie Style

Spacious bast bag for the beach, casual backpack with woven ethno pattern or cool leather hanger with fringes: Accessories are now fully adjusted to the Flowerpower Revival! For jewelery, cloths, hats and sunglasses, the more conspicuous the better. Just do not be stingy at Hinguckern – more is definitely more with the hippie look. Of course, the look also works with individual accent parts, but it is really authentic with a cheerful and unshakable color, pattern, material and structure mix.

Why Is The Hippie Look So Popular?

Colorful patterns and the cheerful color mix in the hippie style simply make a good mood immediately and ensure “positive vibrations”. In addition, the Boho-Look is all figurine type.Flowing cuts flatter the body and the eye-catching patterns even distort visually from one or the other potty. Thanks to the countless color and pattern variations, the right one is right for every type. And because it’s so easy to style, we like to wear the hippie style all summer long! Feel the love and enjoy the Boho summer 2016.