Suede Fabric Sweetheart of Station

This fabric mimics the suede, but is thinner, and then cooler. It can be used during the whole year. Now he is being reviewed and used by everyone in the fashion world.

He has a trim lightweight, and hardly crumples, its color is typically this caramel, half burned, it has in other colors too, but this is the best known. And this piece combines with almost everything in your wardrobe, it is versatile you can add easily to any look. And we can find them in various types of clothing items.

Doing this beautiful but boho, which is still super high.

Miniskirts and skirts.
Let’s see those skirts in suede, as we talked that this fabric can be used in all seasons, just add a stocking or an ankle boot, you have a relaxed and sophisticated look.

Jackets or vests
Notice how this fabric is here to stay, and is multipurpose and can be used in various types of clothing. A suede coat is timeless and leaves all look with a cool guy and very comfortable, they will come with fringes many fringes that will still be the darlings of fashion.

We must not forget that they are also super gift accessories, namely handbags, shoes and hats.

Let’s inspire us.
Don’t be afraid to get into fashion, she is beautiful, young, versatile and comfortable. So take a chance, what do you think a new fabric for fall!