Stricktrends For Fall: Plait Pattern

I’m a real knitting fan.Knit is just the ticket.Now that the cooler days are coming, one hardly sees me in anything else.In this post I will show you the stricktrends for the autumn, I especially liked the plait pattern.

On a cozy Sunday at home or for walks, I love to cuddle myself in a coarse knitted plait jacket, which may be a bit wider and bigger.So to speak an over-sized sweater.I prefer it to almost anything: shirt and jeans, but also a dress or a blouse.Universally applicable!

So cuddly: knit with cable pattern

A further stricktrend and absolute highlight for the autumn is this long sweater of knit with cable pattern.I’ve been looking for a sweater for a long time, and now I’ve finally found it.Combined with a tight pair of jeans and ankle boots, the sweater looks a bit more chic. Of course you can also combine it casually with denim leggings and boots or sneakers listed on gradinmath. The cable pattern allows both chic and casual styling.My highlight on this dress is not only the light waterfall collar, but also the cable pattern and, of course, the slots on the right and left – which makes walking easier in any case.I like to combine the black sweater with the beige sweater … this makes the outfit more rockier.

Classics for every day: Gray cardigan

The classic for every day is the gray shirt with a gray cardigan with short arm – tone in tone.Of course, the gray cardigan can also be combined to one of my favorite pieces, a white blouse.Blue jeans, gray or even a black jeans, everything is possible.To make the whole outfit more chic, you can combine a black top with a black jeans with the cardigan.Certainly also fits a lot.I like classical Budapest or an ankle boot with heel but especially well.Here I combine the gray cardigan with a dark gray scarf, matching the jeans.The scarf is extra large and warm.

What are your favorite knitwear for the fall?Please comment on this post!