So, You Remove the Stains, Odors and Dots – Camilla Thulin Guides in Clothing Care

Throughout his career, costume designer and designer Camilla Thulin sucked up tricks and advice on how to best care for their clothes. And probably she has heard some of the major theatres and opera houses. Saliva potato flour and baby wipes some examples of good tools to remove stains…

Laundry and strykråd

  • You do not need to wash all the time, I think we wash a little too much in Sweden. You can learn to remove stains and point sniffing her clothes (preferably in a little overcast rainy weather).
  • When I wash, I run almost everything in the machine but on low heat and short programs. Thin delicate garments do I wash at 30 degrees in a wool/handwash programs in no time with easy centrifuge.
  • I always use liquid detergent when it dissolves instantly and never leave residues in the garments. My favorite detergent is Lidl shopping of their own.
  • Really nice hand-printed silk scarves and blouses I hanbroderade hand wash in clear shampoos, namely sidentyget soft and not “papprigt” as it could be otherwise.
  • Very rarely do I wash wool garments, they are better to vent and remove stains on.
  • Tumble dry do I almost never, it rips lot of garments. Hang up on the gallows instead.
  • However, as iron I almost all garments. Strykta garment becomes more standoffish toward the dirt than ostrykta garments. But be sure to check out in the list of ingredients on the garments!
  • Polyetser and plastic materials to delete on very low heat. Sequins, studs and rhinestone applications can only delete if you have a steam iron with tyflonskiva underneath.

Smart tips to remove stains and odors

  • The most cool tip I received has given me costume manager and at the City Theatre of blood stains. They take the best away with saliva, then fix it up enzymes. Saliva and then wash with water.
  • Salt is an old proven tricks at wine taints
  • Makeup stains stain removal product works Vanisch good on.
  • Do you get spots on the the cover gowns and nylon jackets it works great to remove them with baby wipes or makeup napkiner so you avoid washing the entire jacket.
  • Dots Chamber I removed with a small Barber or brushes I enter nopprorna in the garment with a fine hair brush. Some argue that razor blades are good for removing dots but I’m too afraid to cut apart garments to use razor blades.
  • Fur details can look a bit dirty after a while because fur is a fatty material. To freshen up the fur details do I use potato flour which soaks up the fat and then brushes I up the coat.
  • Sweat scent can get away if you duttar a little vinegar in the places that smell. It has delicate silk robes, you can sew in a sweat patch so you avoid the unsightly sweat rings, they are available at sybehoörs shops.