So Cherish Your Accessories – Tips from the Experts

To care for their clothes is obvious. But how do you take care of your jewelry, shoes and handbags?
After the click, you get the DV’s smart guide to accessoarvard where Camilla Thulin, Malin Sveholm and Charlotte Ihre shares his best tips.

NURTURE SHOES with Camilla Thulin, fashion designer and writer
Tell us about your interest in shoes!
“I have always had a genuine interest in shoes. You can have ugly clothes, but with a pair of stylish boots is enhanced the rest.
Which is your favorite couple?
I have a pair of Gucci loafers from 1988 with Green Ribbon and gold buckle that I enjoy very much. I like classic shoes that you can wear year after year.
How much difference do good shoe care?
-Really nice and well-made shoes can last 30 to 40 years if you care for them. I never put down a pair of shoes in a shoebox without a fuss about them, and I go barefoot in shoes dryers I out of them with a babyservett in the evening.

So you get the shoes to keep
1. Autumn boots will stand with trees, and in the shaft, I rolled up big newspapers so that they are properly and do not fold themselves. Dress shoes that you do not use often do I store in shoe boxes. Some I have a shoetree. Shoes that are sensitive to stretch out I fill instead of paper.

  1. Shoes should be polished when they see a big out. Rub with a good shoe Polish in the right color and the next time they want to use you can Polish them with newspaper, they are really nice. You will find no shoe Polish at home and panic can take some hand lotion and rub in the shoes.
  2. Spray with impregnation spray from time to time. When it’s rainy or slushy, I usually avoid using footwear, but there are low-heeled galoshes for shoes that you can wear as protection against
    moisture and salt.
  3. You get salt stains on shoes, they must be removed immediately, otherwise it will corrode the salt into the leather. Use a sponge dampened with water to remove the stains.
  4. should the leather Becomes wet boots stand with newsprint in and get dry slowly at room temperature. Ask them not to hot, then dries the skin out.

CARE for the JEWELLERY with Charlotte Ihre, jewelry designer for the label Charlotte Farmer
When you fell for precious metals and stones?
“I’ve been fascinated by rocks and metals in my entire life. When I was 16 I created jewelry with plastic beads on cotton thread as I stroked on with iron and sold. When I could get a hold of metals I started making jewelry in earnest.
Do you have a piece of jewelry that you nurture extra tenderly?
I have a brooch given to me by my grandmother, a gilded vine leaves which I actually have shed off and have in my latest collection Justina. And of course my wedding ring. The I try to nurture extra tenderly.
How you store your own jewelry?
– I collect old jewelry boxes and cartons, where I keep my jewelry sealed in plastic bags. Old jewelry boxes is a nice improvement.

So keep the jewelry its luster
1. Lotion, perfume, SOAP and hair spray is not good for metals, stones or gems. The jewelry will last in and first out of!

  1. Your jewelry should not be cleaned too often but you should not wait too long. When you see that the metal begins to change, you should clean the jewelry. Best cleaning is done with water and a little detergent. Use a damp, lint-free cloth. To access everywhere is a soft toothbrush handy.
  2. Is your jewelry very dirty you can clean with a little cleaner with ammonia in, it works fine on gold jewelry. Silver jewelry can be cleaned using silver Polish but buy then fine silver Polish that does not scratch the jewelry, there are of goldsmith shops.
  3. Stones and beads should be cleaned with a damp cloth, lint-free cloth, no SOAP and no chemicals at all.
  4. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom or in the bright sunlight and have them always separated. Ideally, they should be individually wrapped in a plastic bag in a box. Jewelry may oxidize. Has it happened to use silver dip as buying of jewelry stores. But beware the gems and stones!

NURTURE the BAGS with Malin Sveholm, curator at Bukowskis
Why is your handbag so exciting?
-Handbag is your face to the world, to work with all you have in your closet and be able to be used frequently. A good bag, good shoes and good jewellery, it should focus on.
How important is it to take care of their bag?
– A well groomed bag retains value. We got into a Hermes handbag in bad shape as we thought the value to 8? 000 but tipped the owner that Hermès renovates their old bags. The owner left in the bag of spa treatment and it came back as a new and sold for over 30? 000 SEK.
How many bags you get in to the Bukowskis auctions?
– On the auctions we sell 50 to 100 bags for anything between 1 000 and 60? 000 SEK. So you can imagine how many bags I go through before the auctions.

Keep the purse value
1. Fine bags often come in dust bags and in them it is good keep the bag when not in use to avoid fading, scratches and dust. Should it stand for a while, it is also good to fill it with paper or bubble wrap so it doesn’t lose its shape.

  1. A couple of times a year, lubricate and impregnate your bag. Crocodile and lizard skin dries very easily so it is extra important to lubricate and impregnate them with colorless fettningsmedel buy a good Shoemaker, then work into the grease properly using a lint-free cloth and finish with washed garment.
  2. Painted bags are fine if you anoint them with unwhipped cream, then disappearing grease stains and the bag gets nice shine. Work the cream with a cloth.
  3. Chains and clasps in gold and metals, do not use any strong detergents to clean, then you can tear away the plating and scratch the metal. Instead, use a toothbrush and a little dish soap, then wipe clean and dry with a cloth.
  4. Have you been out in the rain, wipe the bag tightly with cloth, then fill it with paper and let it dry at room temperature.