She Creates Knitted Haute Couture

Knitting has become a really trendy employment! In the latest issue of Damernas Varld we invite you on a nice dress pattern from 1988. Although the design has a few years old, the model is just as fashionable now as then.

The one that made the knitting to his employment is Ann Bonander Loft. She runs a private Studio at West manna street 56 in Stockholm. Where she sits and creates their creations, all Freehand, without a pattern. Knitted coats, collars and sweaters with fragile, hangs at the walls of her small cubbyhole.

Her Office is full of pictures from the films the piano and Doctor Zhivago. It has been her favorites as long as she can remember. Along with pages from various fashion magazines, it forms a large, inspirational wall in her Studio. She doesn’t want to be retrograde, but take the knitting into the future.

See pictures from her Studio here.

When did you start to knit?
“I’ve worked as a scenographer and costume designer for over twenty years. I like to combine the two professions, then I think they nourish each other. The majority of my time I spent at various theaters, but I have also worked with film and television series. I’ve always liked to create and started knitting early. My first sweater I knit when i was in fifth grade. It was cornflower blue. Fourteen years ago, when I was at home with my youngest son, I created a Cardigan that was pretty different and own. I got lots of nice comments and people asked if I couldn’t stand more copies. But then I had no time.

But when did you feel to you that your tingling became a business?
“It was probably when I bought this Studio which is two years ago now. For some reason, I visited this store three years ago. After a few moments inside the premises, I heard myself say to the owner: “If you want to sell at some point, so you’ll need to hear from you”. After a year, her son called and said she wanted to do away with the store. So I struck and began to knit “seriously”.

What is the cost of your creations?
– Yes, it’s a little different. Many of the garments are right expensive. But I tend to joke about it and say I’m going to start a “stick revolution”. Imagine what women for centuries have sat and knitted. If it had been the men who had made amazing garment, then maybe it had more bank without further inspections? It’s a craft that takes time, which means that it must cost.

You dream about being able to work both in theatre and in your own Studio. Tell.
“The dream would be to make a theatre production each year and keep on with the knitting the rest of the time. It would also be nice to have a bigger Studio, where I could have knitters and seamstresses. Where you can come in and buy his shirt. Or just ask for tips and advice. It would have been something.

Do you have any tips to all who want to learn to knit?
-Start with a scarf and select a fine yarn. Many go into any store and choose the yarn, but then not use it it stuck once it is ready. It is good if a bit thicker yarn, so that you can feel that you get a little confidence in her knitting. You see that it grows and becomes nothing. Merino Wool, for example, it is good.