Sexy Little Girl

Last week passed in the GNT a Super Bonita presented by Mariana Ximenes, special about pin-ups. The program was really cool(you can watch a piece here ) and left me thinking about it.

These women were icons of several generations and followed History. These days, we women are so charged that sometimes we forget that we are still women. With the right to everything that is related to this role. And there is no harm in feeling feminine and delicate.

If one of the main characteristics of pin-ups is sensuality, lingerie plays a super important role in this image. The angelic faces and poses contrast with the shapes of a hot woman and many, many lingerie. You can get more from Usprivateschoolsfinder.

I have separated some of the images from the one that, for me, is one of the best artists when it comes to pin-up: Gil Elvgren.

And the moral of the story is simple. Being a strong, independent woman is very good. But, it’s a delight to be able to dress up as a woman and feel like a little girl once in a while. This weekend, separate that special lingerie, put on a beautiful dress. Grooming yourself is good for self-esteem and it strikes everyone around you. Enjoy!