Sandra Beijer “I Was on the Lookout for the Perfect Jacket for So Long, Now I Do It Myself Instead”

Right now, it is entirely up to the blogger Sandra Beijer as for some time can add both writer and designer on his resume. We had a chat with Sandra and took the opportunity to find out how it feels to keep in their own book, It is all about you, and how her first collection went from dream to reality.

It happens a lot around you right now. We may start with the obligatory question, how does it feel?
“It’s giant-breasted and fun! That, for example, give out your own book has been a dream for many years so it feels extra fun. Now the feeling just, I did it! God, what Nice!

You are also current as the designer of your first collection, tell us, how did that happen?
– To make their own clothes collection is something I thought at a time. It’s been one of those thing I lie and dream about before I fall asleep, if you understand? At the beginning of February contacted JC me and said they had read that I wanted to make your own clothing line, so they asked if I was interested. After that it went fast, I had already thought out how I wanted it, so I started to work with their design team. It was great to have a team working to implement my idea and it feels magical to the soon-to-be out of the shop.

What have you assumed in the design process?
“I have relied on my own fashion style and cheerleader culture in the United States. The collection consists of four basic garments that together can form a look, but who also are easy to match with other garments. I wanted to do a collection that I would be able to combine with everything I own, while costumes can reflect the style of the person who buys them.

What were the challenges?
“I had a thought on exactly what color I wanted, a 70-talsblå with splashes of gray, but in an unwashed even color. It’s really hard to explain exactly what shade I wanted, especially since I’m not a designer myself. So I had with me pictures and so we tested our way until we found the right shade.

It is one of the garments you are particularly attached to?
“I think if the jeans jacket very much. I have been looking for the perfect jacket for a long time, but it has been difficult to find it, no one has felt completely one hundred. But the design team knew exactly how I wanted it and how I had envisioned. It’s a cool feeling to say no, now I have been hunting for the perfect jacket for so long, I do it myself instead!

How do you think we best styling a summer look from the collection?
“The idea is that there are four basics that you should be able to wear together and they’ll be a bit like a cheerleader uniform. When you have all on at the same time, so it looks a little like a cartoon character.

How you shop for yourself?
“I rarely buy clothes these days and have not gone to town to go shopping for a long time, but when I’m going to buy something new I really like Asos. The past few years I have stayed in two bags and then I have not been able to consume in the same way, which is good. In addition, it feels a bit like I have found the clothes I like and do not need to buy new until they break. And now I have four new basics from my own collection.

5 quick questions to Sandra:
WHAT NUMBER DO YOU VALUE MOST IN THE PHONE BOOK? (Except mom and your boyfriend’s) Michelle, she’s my best friend!
WHAT WAS YOUR LAST TEXT MESSAGE: Have you had any fun Messenger lately?
WHAT IS THE NICEST COMMENT YOU RECEIVED? I have had very many good blog comments, but a very cinematic fine was one I got at a post where I wrote that I was a little sad. The commentary said, “You don’t have to worry about nasty people, we are your army“.
WHAT IS ALWAYS IN YOUR BAG? Headphones! At this time Thomas Stenstroms song Hit me hard in the face on repeat.
WHAT BEAUTY PRODUCT YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU? A concealer, right now from YSL Touche Eclat.

The collection is a collaboration between JC and Crocker and launched in limited edition in selected JC stores in June. Prices from 199-699 kr. Do you want to see more of Sandra so take the opportunity to look for her on the blog.