Rihanna Continues to Surprise with Her Hairstyle, Now with a Quiff

If we believed that Rihanna He had plateaued with the radical change in your hairstyle that we saw the other day, we were very confused. Singer does not know boundaries and much less your hair, which seems to be a piece of engineering to this step.

The option to shave both sides of the head and neck almost all sandwiched it with a great amount of hair at the top; hair that seemed to a crest two days ago and now It has become a quiff. But not like Elvis Presley or similar, Rihanna’s win to anyone since you just have to see the length of his court, coming well into the sky.

My taste is fatal, only she has a perfect face and a cat is put by wig, will take it well, but streaks forming on both sides of the hound it is are horrible, like all the hair gel that has to endure such a structure. Do we call already Norman Foster to the next hairstyle?