Plant Paulista Women’s Coat

Monika Damian boiler home, specialist in administration London, planet Paulista women’s coat has subjected for us the our product testing. Learn more here…

Our planet Paulista women’s coat in the product review

I wore this very soft and elastic and waterproof coats for women when walking, as well as longer hikes in the Odenwald and the Vogelsberg mountains. Just “Transitional weather” in spring I find ideal coat. Since I often freeze in the kidney area the length of the mantle has addressed immediately myself.

This fitted cut, chic coats for women has kept dry and warm me in my activities in this problem area. The front diagonally running zipper is something special and makes the jacket fashionably chic. The M is equal to about size 38 40. available in the Navi and olive colors.

Wearing comfort

The jacket is ultra light, breathable, elastic and supple. It makes it very comfortable to wear and high wearing comfort. Through the soft and supple material, there is no rustle or Crackle, as is the case with some other rain jackets. In addition, the coat is extremely crease resistant. Even if I rolled up several hours into the Backpack have transported him in warmer weather it was subsequently not wrinkled.


The material is super flexible, wind – and waterproof. The coat makes with every movement, without constricting it. He is also very breathable, so that an optimal climate is created for me so that I do not sweat or freeze. The thumb loops and elongated sleeves on the upper hand, also the wrists are protected against cold and wind.

The jacket has 2 zip pockets at the hip and a zipper pocket in the chest area – so you can what you need (key, handkerchiefs, mobile) plug and need to take no further bags. The reflective piping on hood, the page as well as on the back provide security at dusk and in the dark. The adjustable hood features a flashing LED light in the screen. So it is very visible in darkness and dawn definitely! You can get more from ITYPEMBA.

Processing quality

The build quality is very good, even after much wear the coat still looks like new. There are no pilling – or signs of abrasion. The seams are good, you can’t feel it at all, the zippers are smooth – everything very well!

“My advice”

I don’t want to miss this coat and my walks in the spring always comes with! He is an indispensable companion for walking, strolling and hiking this super elastic, smooth and extremely breathable and for me.

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