Old House All-Bangkok Connection Bora Bora!

Creativity, good taste, elegance….Ai, Oh … I don’t even know where to start writing about the old house all! An accessories store located in Ponta Pora, which is much more than an accessories store! Are real finds that Gabriela Motta will search in several corners of the world to their customers! It’s all gorgeous!

Gabriela is an elegant person. Super fashion, full of personality and every accessory in the Old House All carry a little bit of this vibrant personality and full of life. After all, every accessory passes through your hands, to win a touch of personality. That’s right, Gabi customizes all your accessories. Nothing enters the store without going through your look super talented!

For the new collection, she was inspiration away from Brazil! The collection is called “Connection Bangkok Bora Bora”, as Gabriella went to Thailand after the most charming and different accessories. In addition to the scholarships and traditional dresses of Thai women. Unique pieces, exclusive, full of color and culture! Wonderful!

In the Old House all, all have a touch of culture and memory. Are parts that Gabriela is by their travels around the world and which are full of stories and traditions. Until the space the store has a story: the house, where the store was put together is the first house where his grandparents lived, hence the name Old House All!!! I love stories like this!

The Old House All and Gabi, has a motto for life that I loved it and I’m sticking straight away “more is more and less is a bore”!!! hehehe! I loved and I will join for life!!! And there in the old house nothing is boring! The necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings are unbelievable from lindosssss! I want to take one at home! And super lush combinations that Gabi assembles value even more each piece! Remember More is more!

I’m a card-carrying Allzete and so I brought a few flashes of the launch of the collection “connection Bangkok Bora Bora” for you too fall in love by the Old House All!!