Norway – Home to Magnificent Mountains

Norway – Home to Magnificent Mountains

Norway is known for its fabulous nature. Along the high mountains, a rich cultural history and colorful city life also flourish.

In Norway, hikers can spend their dream holiday in the middle of fresh nature, and in return, explore interesting Oslo or even Bergen, a cultural city in the heart of the fjords. Norway is a popular car holiday destination, where travel is relaxed and varied, with mountains and fjords alternating, always in equally stunning scenery.

Norway is a nature destination

Finland’s northern neighbor, Norway, is located on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, and has a long stretch of ragged coastline loved by tourists. Norway is an oil country, and it is also reflected in the country’s price level, which is notoriously expensive in Finnish terms. However, it does not prevent tourists from returning to Norway time and time again.

According to countryaah, Norway is a great destination for a wide range of tourists who are interested in northern Europe, as the neighboring country is suitable for motorists, active and nature tourists, shoppers and city holidaymakers alike.

The Norwegian capital Oslo is a city of shopping and cultural travel. The new opera house, Munch’s Cry and quality seafood restaurants are just a thin slice of the capital’s diverse offerings.

Surrounded by mountains and fjords, Bergen is a breathtakingly beautiful city. In addition, Bergen has a significant history as a Hanseatic city, which can be felt in the old center, which has been chosen as a UNESCO heritage site.

Over a thousand years old, Trondheim was the first capital of Norway. The ancient pilgrimage site in the middle of the country has good transport links by land, air and water.

Lofoten is a popular tourist destination that Finns head to throughout the year.

Summer is the most beautiful

Most tourists head to the land of the fjords between May and September. The actual peak period is from mid-June to mid-August.

Summer is the best time to get to know Norway. Eye-catching landscapes and beautiful urban buildings are at their best on bright summer evenings. The exception, of course, is the ski resorts, which are worth heading to in the winter.

Short for NO by abbreviationfinder, Norway has a climate similar to Finland. On the coasts, the sea smooths out seasonal variations, while inland the temperature variation is greater: in summer it can reach +30 degrees and in winter the same amount of frost.

In early or late summer, especially those heading to the coast, it is worth preparing for the wind blowing from the sea, even if the temperatures seem to be high.

From the Viking state to the oil power

Norwegian residents have always been the traveling type. Already in the first millennium, the Vikings who inhabited the country rose to a somewhat questionable reputation thanks to the raids on the British Isles and the European continent.

Since then, Norway has gone through the times of kingdoms and world wars, making it one of the poorest countries in Europe in the early 1960s.

At the end of the same decade, oil found in the North Sea turned the still life on its head. With the help of black gold, Norway quickly became a rich welfare state.

Due to the high standard of living, Norway is not a travel destination from the cheapest end. The tourist should be prepared for the fact that the costs of food, housing and travel are at times even clearly higher than domestic.

Nature is Norway’s most famous attraction

Norway’s unique national landscape is characterized by proximity to the sea and handsome mountains. Indeed, the country is particularly well known for its fjords, where these two elements combine.

When hunting fjords, it is not necessary to go further out to sea to fish. Even the Oslo Fjord, on whose wigs the country’s capital is located, is worth seeing.

However, the Oslo Fjord is not comparable to the Geiranger Fjord and the Nærøyfjorden. These UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with their rock walls rising to a height of over a kilometer, are unforgettable experiences for the tourist, which are worth going to see even from a longer distance.

For downhill skiing

The Norwegian mountains are deservedly called the Scandinavian Alps. In the landscapes colored by the sharp mountain peaks, you will find many magnificent ski resorts, alongside which the Finnish fells feel like small toboggan runs.

The most popular ski destination in the country is Hemsedal, where in addition to skiing, cross-country skiing is also possible.

Familiar culture

Norway is an easy travel destination for Finns, as Nordic culture makes traveling effortless. Working with the locals is straightforward, and even if the Norwegian language doesn’t bend, the country also speaks great in English or Swedish.


Travelers love Norwegian nature.

Cheap flights to Oslo

Flight connections from Finland to Norway are good. Finnair and Norwegian take you from Helsinki to Oslo . Today, flight prices do not end dramatically, and you can often get a trip for less than a hundred euros. Traveling by air is effortless, as the flight from Helsinki to Oslo takes only an hour and a half.

An independent traveler can also fold the trip by car. The route can take you either via Lapland or accompanied by a ferry trip through Sweden.

Hotels and accommodation

Living in Norway is in line with the general price level – so it is not quite the cheapest end. Depending on the time of the trip, the prices of more modest hotels in larger cities start at around 70-80 euros.

The finest hotels are, of course, clearly more expensive, while a hostel night can be obtained for as little as 30 euros.

By car or train in fjord landscapes

Within Norway, you can continue your journey either by plane or by land. Norway in a Nutshell, on the other hand, is a concept designed for tourists that conveniently takes you by train to the most idyllic fjord areas directly from the capital.

Car tourism is also a popular activity in Norway. Although the journey on the small roads in the mountains is not very fast, the breathtaking scenery colored by mountains and fjords adds value to motoring as well.

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