Nightlife in Istanbul, Turkey

Nightlife in Istanbul, Turkey

Traditionally, Istanbul’s nightlife used to take place in meykhana (taverns) and gazinos (taverns with liquor, meze, singers and oriental belly dance). There are still a few characteristic, traditional meykhane with fasils and raki, but they are gradually giving way to modern nightclubs and cafe-bars.

There are a lot of bars in Istanbul (there are also inexpensive eateries and chic options). The most conservative areas of the city, in which there are practically no such establishments, are Eyüpa and Fatiha. The most expensive clubs are located in the European part of the city. It is best to relax with good music at minimal cost in the Asian part.

Sultanahmet is famous for its luxurious, located near hotels (establishments are made specifically for tourists) daytime bars, but at night we advise you to go to Beyoglu. Nightclubs in the area of ​​Taksim Square and Istiklal Street (Beyoglu district) are the most popular among Russian-speaking tourists. There are most of them here. There is also where to relax in the areas of Sisli, Kadikoy, Levent, Bebek, Ortakoy, Besiktas, Etiler, Gairetepe, and in the Asian part – on Baghdad Street.

Most Turkish clubs are open until 4 am, but there are those that are open until 06:00 or even 08:00. Entry is usually inexpensive. An exception is if there is a performance of a star or a theatrical show.
Alcohol is always expensive, but in rare cases they allow you to bring your own, provided that the first order is made from them. There is a dress code at the entrance, but the clothes are more casual. Hairpins and mini-skirts are definitely not held in high esteem here, and not everywhere in such an outfit will be missed.

Not all European tourists are able to understand the specifics of Turkish clubs. The best of them have an unusual decor and are equipped with excellent equipment. And live music – jazz, rock, blues R&B, salsa, reggae sounds everywhere in the back streets of Beyoglu. Guests can spend no less here than in similar establishments in London, New York, Sydney and other cities.
The main part of the dance clubs is open from 21:00 to 2-4 in the morning. As a rule, the entrance to these clubs is paid. Local and foreign music groups also perform at numerous annual jazz festivals.


Club Andon is the most popular and trendy place in Istanbul. The building houses the Rega dance club with the best DJs in the city. On the second floor – Wine House, which serves wine and cheese. Further on the third floor – Turkish music and belly dance at Mudavim Bar. On the fourth floor – meykhane with seafood appetizers, crayfish and fasil ensemble. On the roof there is an open terrace with a restaurant. If you want to have a bite to eat, then a table should be booked in advance. Wine House and the rooftop restaurant open at 17.00, all other establishments open at 19.00. The entire complex closes at 3am.
Address: IRASELVİLER CAD.NO:31, Taksim, Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 249 36 36

Nightclub Gossip – an expensive club at an expensive hotel with avant-garde design. A much more pleasant atmosphere is found in the ivy-covered, oil-lamp-lit garden adjoining the club. The club opens in May and accepts visitors until September. Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday from 20:00 to 4 in the morning.
Address: Taşkışla Cad. No:1 Taksim Beyoğlu, İstanbul Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Phone: +90 (212) 225 70 00

Roxy Club– rock, R&B, jazz and dance music performed by DJs and bands. A frilly, expensive disco bar with a mix of crowds from wealthy students to the dregs of 1980s society. The building is located next to the German Hospital, but since there is no sign on it, it can be quite difficult to find it. The club may close in the summer for a few days or even weeks. So if you want to look here, then call ahead. Open daily from 18:00 to 3:30.
Address: Siraselviler Cad. Arslan Yatagi Sok. No: 1-3 Taksim, İstanbul
Phone: +90 212 249 13 01; +90 212 249 12 83

Club Yaga– an inconspicuous door is open to all comers. Inside, there are several floors with bars, a dance floor, a giant TV screen and a garden with comfortable cushions. Bands play from Wednesday to Sunday, concerts start at 22.00. Cafe and restaurant are open all day, 12.00-16.00. After 21.00 visitors will be charged an additional fee for live music.
Address: 67 Siraselviler Caddesi, Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 292 28 29

– a classic club in a luxury hotel with a terrace, beautiful views of the Bosphorus and face control. Among the performers are Whitney Houston and Ray Charles, so prepare to pay dearly for both music and drinks. Various sections of the club offer jazz, latino and salsa. Famous Istanbul DJs work almost every night. Open daily from 22:00 to 4 am.
Address: Caragan Cad, Ciargan Palace Hotel Kempinski.

Nightlife in Istanbul, Turkey