My New Year’s Eve: Lederhose – Black And White

If we are full of expectations at Christmas, it is no less true for New Year’s Eve… They may be a bit different, but there are hopes, and I do not mean the ideas that go beyond this one day.

Only the expectation which we connect with the change of the year itself is often difficult to fulfill. The outfit must be sensational, the food second to none and the party of course rushing and legendary.


But the reality is mostly different: In my 20’s I went with girlfriends on a New Year’s Eve party. It was advertised on all advertising columns (the www for all was not yet invented) our town. Great allyoucaneat buffet, free drinks, a mega DJ and a huge fireworks at midnight. This was by far the worst and most boring party I ever visited. This was a lesson for life…

Mainly Social

Today, I like to spend the New Year’s Eve with friends at home… the main thing is social, so also raclette or fondue is eaten and, of course, much too much of it. Finally, after christmas, a lot now fits into the pre-filled food storage area… hehe…. Any advantage must have this constant hunger feeling yes…. The recipes for sauces and side dishes come from the Chefkoch-unfortunately he does not pass and makes them also… O 🙂 Although the whole nation tried as a star cook, masses of cooks over the screen flicker, I’m not really warm with this whole cookery. Please do not misunderstand, I like to eat my life and find it great when someone likes to cook. Unfortunately does not automatically close automatically. But when I think of the whole dishes, which afterwards the work of the kitchen is invisible and again comes no one, the pots and pan clean ne ne ne ….But I digress…

Leather Pants-Black And White

My highest expectations had and I, who would have thought, to the outfit… The magazines and the net are full with recommendations, which styling of a New Year’s party would be appropriate. Lots of lace, lots of glitter, lots of skin, little fabric. Best pumps or sandals for evening dress. Just honestly, so gladly and often I am overdressed to all sorts of occasions-on New Year’s Eve I am once underdressed.It’s just too cold for me to go to the New Year in fine pumps. That might be for five minutes – but I have two children whose pyromantic traits can finally be lived on New Year’s Eve (Hach yes, those were still times, when the dear little ones simply missed the turn of the year). That is, I am at least an hour busy watching small children’s hands and lighters and no, I do not do that in the little black. I am doing this year in my leather pants… and my new cap scarf from Gaastra. That was at least the plan when we took the photos. But now, after the winter comes, I will rumble my down jacket…

Happy New Year

But no matter what you wear on the New Year’s Eve, whether a phenomenal evening dress or a jogging trousers, whether you are in a small circle at home or gaaaaanz great to celebrate a grandiose party. Whether cozy or rushing, or maybe you’ll sleep the whole cinnabar also… no matter how and what-I wish you all the best love for the turn of the year and I know for sure: 2016 will be our year… remains healthy and fits you on your magical readers.

Lederhose : Apart from and from Lederimitat I like the Rich & Royal* very good and the Super skinny Shape by – Leggings with leather details * is also not wrong. 
Blouse : Soft Rebel-the white blouse I like * especially because it has only a small stand up collar and therefore simply super to Blazer fits. Moreover, it is longer in the front than in the front and of great quality – unfortunately, they are only available in size L. The blouse from BC is more beige from silk * and also collarless. 
Shoes: Felmini *-I like these shoes with the rough profile soles-because you do not get cold feet so quickly and I find they fit so great to leather pants-a new pair in brown * I just ordered today-there floats me A look with percussions. 
Cape: Gaastra*-this scarf is so versatile. I am very enthusiastic about this and the OPUS * also like and what a topman * can wear, goes with a top woman even more… 
Blazer: Gift of my mum-a Boyfriendblazer* you definitely need and if someone plans an eighties revival, Comes the right Blazer*. 
Bag: DIY-the model is by Mansur Gavriel


Outfit: Grey and Black

Outfit: Grey and Black