Missouri State Overview

Missouri State Overview

Missouri is a U.S. state that lies in the Midwestern and Great Plains regions of North America. It is bordered by eight states, including Iowa to the north, Illinois and Kentucky to the east, Arkansas and Tennessee to the south, and Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma to the west. The Missouri River divides much of the state into two distinct halves: the northern half is part of the Great Plains region while the southern half is part of the Ozarks region. Missouri has a rich history and culture that can be traced back centuries before it was officially admitted as a state in 1821.

The first known inhabitants of Missouri were Native American tribes who lived in what is now called Missouri prior to European settlement in the late 17th century. These tribes included Osage, Quapaw, Shawnee, Delaware, Kickapoo and many others who lived off of hunting and gathering. French explorers arrived in 1673 led by René-Robert Cavelier de La Salle who named it “Louisiana” after King Louis XIV of France. Later on American settlers began moving into Missouri during its early years as part of its purchase from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Missouri played an important role during both World Wars I and II. During World War I it served as an important training ground for soldiers before they shipped off overseas to fight in Europe. In World War II major military bases such as Fort Leonard Wood were established around Missouri where thousands upon thousands of soldiers were trained for service overseas or served stateside at these bases throughout the war effort.

Missouri’s economy has been traditionally based on agriculture with its fertile soil providing ideal conditions for growing corn, soybeans, wheat and other grains that are used for both food production and animal feed production around America today. Additionally its many rivers have made it possible for industries such as mining (lead) and timber production to be established here over time which have provided jobs for many people throughout its history up until today when it serves as a major manufacturing hub with companies such as Boeing Corporation having large factories located here due to its central location within America’s heartland making it ideal for shipping goods all around America quickly and easily due to its proximity to so many other states/regions within this country’s borders alone!

Missouri also has a vibrant cultural life with several cities such as St Louis being home to some world-renowned museums like The Saint Louis Art Museum which houses art from all over world; musical venues like The Pageant which hosts some of music’s biggest names; numerous professional sport teams like The St Louis Cardinals (MLB) & The Kansas City Chiefs (NFL); outdoor attractions like Mark Twain National Forest & Ha Ha Tonka State Park; plus many more attractions that make this state one worth visiting!

Overall Missouri is an amazing place filled with diverse cultures, strong economies based on agriculture & industry alike along with plenty activities/attractions that make this great place worth visiting or living at any time! From delicious cuisine & craft beer scene all around this wonderful state; exciting events held year round; plus so much more – there’s something here everyone will enjoy no matter their age or interests!

Main Counties in Missouri

According to countryaah, the state of Missouri has the following major counties:

1. St. Louis County: Located in the eastern part of the state, St. Louis County is the most populous county in Missouri, with an estimated population of just over one million people. The county seat is Clayton, and major cities include St. Louis, Florissant, University City, and Kirkwood.

2. Jackson County: Located in the western part of the state, Jackson County is home to Kansas City and Independence, two of Missouri’s largest cities. It has an estimated population of 677,000 people and is the second most populous county in Missouri after St. Louis County.

3. Greene County: Located in southwest Missouri near Springfield and Branson, Greene County has an estimated population of 295,000 people making it the third most populous county in Missouri after St. Louis and Jackson Counties. Major cities include Springfield and Republic.

4. Jefferson County: Located near St Louis on the western side of the state along the Mississippi River, Jefferson County has a population of 216,000 people making it fourth most populous county in Missouri after St Louis, Jackson and Greene Counties respectively

Missouri State Overview