Marc Jacobs on Cooperation with Coca Cola Light

As you have read in the past here on our site, it is none other than fashion icon Marc Jacobs taking over from Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier as g stdesigner for Coca-Cola Light. Marc Jacobs has created a collection of bottles and cans inspired by 80-, 90-, and 00 ‘s. A design for every decade soft drink company has been. Designer adorns also campaigns for Coca-Cola Light where he usually portrays the 1990s hunk.

Today launched the fashionable bottles in Sweden. DV’s Sania Claus Demina found himself on the big launch in London where the bottles were celebrated with feasting and Marc Jacobs himself. After the click tells the designer if teamed with Coca-Cola light, how he started with fashion, and avsojar in addition, its favorite designers! Lots of harilga pictures from the festivities is available at Lian blog! What is the difference between designing bottles and clothes?
– Design for me is about a series of creative choices, no matter what I design. Where can I see a similarity in making clothes and bottles.

Tell me about the hunk in cooperation with Coca-cola light, how did the idea come about?
“They asked me and I often take my clothes off when someone asks me. It actually feels like I had the clothes of more often than in recent years. I celebrates 50 years soon so when people still want that I pull off my shirt and also call me a hunk I simply thank.

What made you realize that you wanted to stay on with fashion and design?
“I think it was when I, unlike the other guys at school, looked most forward to shop school start clothing. I loved it and realized that fashion was something I did for my own sake. This to express myself in different ways using the clothes appealed to me. I saw life as a movie and felt that I wanted to dress me for it.

You still get a kick out of seeing someone wear something you created?
– Yes, absolutely! It is the ultimate compliment because there is so much to choose from today.

Who is your favorite Designer?
– Miuccia Prada and Comme des Garcon’s two designers I like very much.