Malmö Travel Guide

Malmö Travel Guide

Malmö is the largest small town in Sweden. The charm of a small town and the international metropolitan atmosphere – welcome to Sweden’s largest small town.

Modern internationality and the ease of a small town

Stockholm is the most familiar destination for many Finnish tourists in the neighboring country. However, like the capital, other Swedish cities have a lot to see and do. One unmissable urban destination in Sweden is the southern coast of Malmö, where you will find a traditional small-town atmosphere with modern international spices.

largest small town in Sweden

Malmö is located on the coast of southern Sweden, about 600 km from Stockholm and only about 50 km from the Danish capital, Copenhagen .

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, surpassed only by Stockholm and Gothenburg . Despite its large size, Malmö can still enjoy the atmosphere that is usually typical of small towns.

Malmö is a good destination for a shopping trip, for example. Malmö and neighboring Copenhagen create a kind of metropolitan area where you can enjoy the offerings of the big cities of the two countries. The cities are connected by the Sound Bridge, which was opened at the turn of the last millennium and is one of the city’s landmarks.

There is a lot to do for tourists in Malmö and its proximity to the city. Many of Skoone’s attractions are within driving distance, making Malmö with its beautiful coastal scenery a great destination for a car ride. Those traveling by car can explore, for example, the smaller villages and mansions in the surrounding area.


Temperate sea climate

Malmö has a temperate maritime climate, meaning that summers are warm and winters are mild.

The warmest month in the city is July, when the average temperature drops to 20 degrees. The coldest is in January and February, when the average temperature drops to the side of the frost. However, the winters in Malmö are milder than in Finland.

Urban culture and museums

Malmö is a good destination for a cultural trip and the city’s sights and museums are easy to explore on foot.

Important places in the center of Malmö are Suurtori and Pikkutori, around which the city’s offer spreads. Central locations, restaurants and museums are all within walking distance.

In addition to the Art Hall, which focuses on contemporary art, the city has numerous smaller galleries and interesting museums, such as the Malmö Art Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

Malmö also has many parks and green areas. For a walk or picnic, you can head to Linnanpuisto and Kuninkaanpuisto, for example. Green lovers will also enjoy the botanical garden on the south side of the city.

Shopping and Swedish design

Malmö does not leave the shopper cold – especially if this happens to be a friend of Swedish design.

The city has numerous shopping malls, including Hansa and Balthazar City, as well as shops and small boutiques lining the pedestrian streets. In the compact center, running from store to store is easy.

The big and small markets are a great starting point for a shopping tour in Malmö. The best shopping venues are within walking distance and there is a particularly good selection along Södergatan.

Malmö’s shopping areas are especially attractive during Christmas. The celebrated city also hosts a traditional Christmas market. Well-known marketplaces include Drottningtorget and Malmöhus Castle.



Flights from Finland

The nearest airport to the city is Malmö Airport, located about 30 kilometers from the city center. The airport is one of the busiest in Sweden. However, it is easiest to travel from Finland to the city by flying to Copenhagen, where there are numerous connections with, for example, Finnair, Norwegian and SAS.

Hotels and accommodation

Malmö has a comprehensive selection of hotels that are roughly the same price as in Finland.

In addition to city hotels, you can also stay in a nice mansion or even a rental cottage around Malmö. There are also hostels for the smaller budget. There are also well-equipped campsites in the area for those traveling by car or bicycle.

Getting around downtown is easy

When moving in the city center, good shoes are the best means of transportation. Pedestrian streets and short distances make getting around easy.

Longer trips can be made in Malmö and around the city by car or train. You should also stop from Malmö on the neighboring side of Copenhagen. The bridge fee for the Sound is 40 euros for a car and 22 euros for a motorcycle.


Temperate sea climate

Turning Torso is a landmark in Malmö

The absolute landmark of Malmö is the 190-meter-high building called Turning Torso. Completed in 2005, the fun winding tower is located in the West Harbor, one of the trendiest areas of the city with its restaurants and nightclubs.

Sound Bridge

The Sound is one of Malmö’s most prominent landmarks. The approximately 16-kilometer bridge connects the two major cities – Malmö and Copenhagen.

Malmö Art Hall

A friend of culture enjoys, for example, the Malmö Art Hall, which is even a large and significant art center by European standards.

Ribersborg beach

Those who spend their summer holidays in Malmö can also lounging on the beach. The sandy beach of Ribergsborg is a couple of kilometers away from the center.



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