Male:Check Out Tips and Blazer Styles

When you think about the qualities of the male blazer, one word stands out: versatility. It’s a versatile and extremely necessary to have in the closet. They work very well in casual and formal styles, being a great way to complete a look with elegance.

Check out tips, styles and choices to settle on the purchase and use a masculine blazer:

Men’s Blazer: tips when buying

If you want to buy a new blazer, there are some important things to keep in mind during the search. These include the type of the part, the trim, the material and the color check out the tips:

Types of blazer

There are almost countless amount of blazers available on the market, since the two more classic buttons to the most extravagant and curious.

In choosing, the most important information is on that occasions he will be most used. Those with more loose structure, with shoulders less strict are generally used for more informal situations.

If you plan to go to various meetings of conservative business, may not be the best choice. On the other hand, if you intend to use it as a part for hanging out with friends at night, this choice can be great.

The trim

A good blazer should fall right in the body of the man. That means he is not too tight and not too loose. The diagnosis involves the buttons, the shoulders and the drive capability. And you can get more from gradchem.

When the jacket is too tight, it usually forms a sort of X on the front to be buttoned. Are several wrinkles caused by the fact of being very stretched. The shoulders are also squeezed and the sleeves do not seem to offer sufficient space. This is something that should always be avoided.

At the other extreme, there’s the blazer too loose, that is one that can be observed when the shoulder seam exceeded the width of them. This gives the impression that the person “decreases” in the play, creating a visual look bad. In addition, the sleeves go beyond the half of the hands.

Ideally, choose a blazer where the shoulders are in line with the seam, sleeves are adjusted and there is a setting in your body, without disrupting your drive too.

The color

After finding the correct trim, it’s time to choose the correct color for the blazer. Grays, Navy Blue and black are the most secure and versatile options and generally represent an error.

If you like a more flashy, choose colors that have a good ability to combine with other clothes you already own. Take care, however, not to turn a blazer too flashy in a part of the routine.

Styles and recommendations

Hit the blazer comes down to match the piece with the other layers of clothing. Simple as that. This allows you to create interesting visual and referring to good taste.

Here are some suggestions for how to use this classic:

With shirt and tie

For a little less casual events, this is a typical combination. The blazer do much for combinations of tie and shirt and it is virtually impossible to miss.

Cardigan or sweater

The cardigan or sweater under the unbuttoned part generate a sense of sophistication and good taste and are a great choice.

With a Polo

A Polo Shirt ensures the right dose of informality in a more relaxed business event, when you’re under a blazer. She’s not totally casual, but don’t exaggerate on formality.

V-neck t-shirt

Use a t-shirt under the jacket is a great choice for most casual moments. This adds a lot to the visual style, but doesn’t make it formal. A t-shirt with v-neck generally creates a better effect and should be the right choice.