Look of the Day: the Piryguetche of the Holy Spirit!

Hey Girls!!

All right with you?

Today I bring to you a look of the day more than controversial. RS

You know those days when you want to leave feeling beautiful and powerful? Well, I was so that day and decided to put some sex appeal.RS

Thank God my husband is super quiet, so when he saw me ready he let out that: “Uallll, you’re beautiful!” I love to hear! RS

The girls (Yess. Marcella and Julia same…rs) asked if I had not confused the dress code and told me the funk closer was on the other side of town. #Oz friends

As good Gemini I am, I asked for them to see if I was on the corner and was making out the ballad all crafted in paet. RS

Here we go: the shirt I stole from mom (I love to buy clothes for her because I always end up getting everything to me then!  lol) and the skirt I bought over the Internet. I’m super addicted to online shopping and always find high promotions!

I have always used the skirt combined with sleeve blouses, more soltinhas to contrast with the crack and the length, but that day I decided to take a risk and put all my side Pirygaa out! lol

Ahhh …. The lipstick is Rouge Pétard Mary Kay! Very MUSO isn’t it?

And then girls …. Was pirigueta same or just a touch spicy? RS

What do you think? I want to know all!