Kate Bosworth Knows How to Lead a Diver

Hours after attending the Gala of the MET with a beautiful black dress designed by Stella McCartney, Kate Bosworth stroll around New York in the garment star of this summer: the Diver.

You should take note of his attire, because this garment is not easy to carry. The choice of Kate is a Diver’s Silk in shades of gray, with suspenders, cinched at the waist and pockets that give air of diver’s work.

For feet, a simple pair of sandals, and a tiny bag in hands to not lose one iota from femininity. Certainly caught the hand model boyfriend climbs points to look, but a guy is almost more difficult to achieve that a Hermes Birkin.

Kate is correct as usual, is one of the celebrities who dares with the new trends without losing his delicate and feminine spirit. The same goes divine Chloe than with a cowboy wash to acid and red boots. For this reason, it is one of my favorites celebrities as style.