Jasmine Kara “My Style Is Sassy, Tight and Crazy”

Jasmine Kara completes our theme of summer trendy sunglasses. In an interview with Sania Claus Demina she talks about her style and what clothes she is willing to pay a little extra for.

Describe your style in three words!
-Sassy, tight and crazy.

What kind of sunglasses do you prefer?
“I like crazy glasses. Preferably black and/or gold.

What adds sunglasses an look?
“It’s a bit like tattoos, they reflect one’s personality. And then you feel cooler when wearing sunglasses. Where you shop?
– I’m buying most clothing directly from my stylist Sara Arnesen. She is so talented and creative and tailor for my standards. It is also fun to have something that no one else has.
Luxury or budget?
“It depends on what it is, but usually
budget. But what is good for the environment or that I know I will use
for several years I am happy to pay extra for.
What is your favorite piece?
– Definitely the lingerie, I have how many sets. Body stockings love me too.
What is your style icon/style before picture?
I love Amber Rose, she is a great inspiration. She dresses mostly in tight clothes and stuk I.
What would you never wear?
“There is not much I oppose, but I don’t like to speak of for baggy clothing. It feels like I’m lost in it.
Plans this summer?
“It will hopefully both tour and more recordings to the next plate, both in Sweden and abroad.

Jasmine wears: Top of acetate/nylon/elastane, 25 000 kr, from Us. Saome.
Sunglasses of acetate, 2 099 SEK, from Karen Walker/Loveyewear.

Age: 24 years. Profession: Artist, songwriter and author. Lives: In Stockholm. FAMILY: mother, father, two sisters and the car Foxy Red. Current: With new single “can’t lie to me.