Interview with Stylist Star Bea Akerlund

Bea Akerlund has styled celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Madonna. She decorates the Anna-Karin K’s latest sunglasses campaign and now she also pops up on television. Bea Akerlund will be one of the jurors in the finale of Project Runway Sweden where only three designers remaining in the big fashion event. FIinalen kicks off tomorrow in tv 3 at 8 p.m. After the click, you can read the women’s interview with our Swedish star stylist where she talks about what she looks for in a designer, gives its best styling tips and reveal what awaits her in the future.

How does it feel to be a juror in Project Runway Sweden?
– Great! It feels as if I have some kind of responsibility. I have been in business for so many years and it’s always fun to be able to inspire young designers on the road.

What one looks for in a new designer?
– I am always looking for someone like myself would like to work with someone who can develop and which dares to think big, so I often look for someone that I know that you would like to create things with someone who is a little UN-Swedish, it’s always exciting, we must dare to do anything extra. Then, one must of course be talented and work hard, you cannot cut corners for all in the details.

How do you find the Swedish fashion scene looks today?
“I think the Swedish fashion is very good, it has its own stamp. In comparison with many other countries, we are very modern in General, and it applies to all ages. Swedes are well dressed, they like to look good even on weekdays. It makes you are proud to be Swedish, and that we produce very good fashion.

What is your best styling tips?
– Be yourself! Dare to feel instead of just following the trends for your garments will be quickly outdated. The goal should be that you buy should keep the rest of your life. It is better to buy a good jacket per season, than five decent jackets. Quality instead of quantity.

The secure card do you think we should invest in?
– Always a stylish bag or a nice pair of shoes, it can put an entire look. You can go in jeans and t-shirt, but if you have cool shoes so it can’t go wrong.

What happens to you in the future?
“I’m doing all sorts of exciting projects, including a website that will serve as a platform for young designers from all over the world. Then can I design a bit himself, the result of it you will be able to see in 2013, but there is a bit of a secret so far.