Inspire Your Look-vest and Overlapping

OII us lindaaa, okay?

Inspire your Look this fifth album title actually came out a little on Friday haha but anyway!

The combination this beem legal, who ai likes a vest you raise your hand?! So come with me!

warmer weather with sunshine George, blue sky, but as it is winter, you can’t dispense with a manguinha long, huh? This whole week here in the city made beautiful days too long and the weather was very nice, dismissed those 20 layers of sweaters hahaha!

Well, enough lenga lenga and description. The look consists of a very nice overlay key parts are the denim vest beige and blue water with BEAUTIFUL details on the bar and wire heart pattern (we are in love with her), the blouse is race, but as I said, it would require a long sleeve, so we opted to put underneath a sweater quentindo the same color pattern and the top bar with the vest over closed package, you notice right off the first two parts and not just one? AHÃÃM, we got you! What we want to show with this: is it possible to use that regatinha or that you thought you would use only in summer, in winter too. It’s just knowing combine parts and ready, you can have multiple looks cool. #ficadica

We completed the look with a beautiful jeans with turn-ups that has appeared in another look (click here), a black bag with fringes MARA, basic black shoe and accessories!


Vest:we have plenty of time, was bought in another city, don’t remember the name

Sweater: South Center

BEAUTIFUL blouse: Wear 10 (Yes) Ps: I bought this week, still had more.

Jeans: Pure Mania

Purse: gift from Mom, including a KISS BEATRIZ:*

Sneaker:was bought on a trip to RS.


Rings:purchased on same trip haha (this very fashionable this style of ring).

Lipstick maravila: Silly MAC Matte

And there, enjoyed? Let’s the photos!