How to Make Handcrafted Clock-Tips and Models

Check out the tips to make a beautiful handcrafted clock that will make the décor of your home much more elegant.

Since ancient times mankind has sought ways to measure time, so that we can better enjoy every moment of his day. And in the face of this challenge came clocks, which evolved from models in which the time was measured by the sun, passing through the water clocks and hourglass, until the first models .

made with a mechanical device appeared, Hand clocks.

And even today, where we have as allies the digital age, the pointer clock is still widely used in our homes to mark the hours, and so we can perform our daily activities more accurately, like eating, going to work Or even wait for the baking of a cake in the oven.

Tips for making your watch craft

Thinking about it, today we have come to show you some tips so that you can make a handy clock at home, which in addition to being very useful, will still be a very special decorative piece to put in the living room, bedroom or even the work office .

And to make your handcrafted watch just follow these tips from the artisan Edna Zerbeto, who teaches in this video how to make a handcrafted watch with aged look, and that can be made with various materials such as wafer cans, plates, old shapes and more.

Models of homemade handmade watches

And below we’ve separated some more handmade watch models that you can make at home with the use of various materials such as antique CDs, vinyl records, buttons, MDF, adhesive paper and more.