Zazou+Looks Pregnant

As I promised you, I’m going to talk a little bit about the new shop of Zazou in Moema.

The Zazou is undoubtedly the best option for those who want to buy clothes for pregnant women with a lot of variety and quality. Besides the comfort, the brand believes in an outfit that didn’t have that look of pregnant woman and that you can use then as a Mufti. Only with the differential of the comfort and space to belly.

The store is beautiful and super wide. In the first room the main models clothes for day to day and even party dresses separated by color:

This room above is only for jeans, shorts, bermudas, pants have skinny and several other models and washes.

Homewear room and lingerie. Has clothing for gymnastics, coats and plush pants, leggings and a Macaw just with pajamas and Nightgowns. In addition to Accessories like belts, cases and even bathing suits for swimming and bikinis. You can get more from Topschoolsintheusa.

Pajamas and sweaters (has great options for motherhood)

This is the lounge of outlet store I mentioned in the last post with lots of inexpensive option. Worth panning another parts collections for unbelievable prices.

Now let’s my choices. I was looking for a tidier clothes for a party and a christening that I have. So let me show you what liked most.

Marine dress with lace sleeves. He falls very well and is one of those key pieces to have in the closet for a dinner or a party. As jersey, has space for the belly after pregnancy he has the trim of a common dress wounded.

Cotton long dress. In the photo, but that dress is good sport because of the fabric. It’s great for a sunny day and looks good for a Christening.

Dress jeans. It’s like a chemise, looks great with leggings, with or without socks. And goes with everything. You can use with a belt as I put down the belly, but you have to prefer placing below the bust, which sits well with little pregnant!

And these pieces for the daily camel Coat with white pants … of tailoring and skinny jeans with a t-shirt and knitting cardigan.

Man of pregnant right? I’m super boring with this and I loved everything I ever tasted.

There’s a lot of variety and clothing for all occasions.

Those who do not know the store is worth a visit. And for those who do not go to Sao Paulo, the Zazou sells online through your SITE and also has representatives in several cities in Brazil.


Quail Street, 433-Moema

São Paulo