“German Men Wear Fainthearted Suits”

The Creative Director of the London precious cutter Edward Sexton meets a 24 year old designer from Berlin.A conversation about the values of hipsters, boring men’s suits, and Merkel’s fashion style.

Mirror ONLINE: They are Mr Sebag-Montefiore, for the first time in Germany. What is your impression of the style of dress of the Berlin?

Sebag-Montefiore: Berlin has a very dynamic and active streetwear culture. I’ve seen great leisure styles, very experimental and creative combinations. In the business districts, however, the men are wearing incredibly conservative suits. You strike me as German cars: elegant, reliable and practical – but discouraged.

Mirror ONLINE: What do you mean?

Sebag-Montefiore: The men wear suits very average, predictable. Classic, adapted so that they feel safe. Much of Hugo Boss, in Navy Blue or dark grey, with a white or blue shirt and a tie, the no little suits without characteristic features in the proportions, the texture or colour stands out, so. They are not negative, but they will delight anyone.

Mirror ONLINE: Mr Mogg, buy vintage suits in London secondhand shops and tailor them to. There is a market at all, if the German man adapts rather unobtrusive?

Mogg: My clients are all very young. You buy their suits for work, but chic to go out. Recently someone ordered a suit with which he can go to the movies. Many wear their suit jacket with jeans and sneakers. It comes in vintage, to find pleasure in quality. And that is something very German. My suit is 30 years old, but no one sees.

Mirror ONLINE: In other corners of Berlin, one has the feeling, all wearing only leggings, XXL shirts, beards and bag. Mr Sebag-Montefiore, which do you like?

Sebag-Montefiore: In London, many on the hipster culture look down. I think that’s a pity. They’re usually very self reflected people. It is of course a problem, if you think too much about yourself and what makes you happy. If you but look at, what produces the hipster culture micro-breweries, fashion labels, bakery factories, one encounters on detailed handmade, old-fashioned values that again in a world of full of soulless mass gaining importance. It is nevertheless a pity that we buy the same in the shops of all major fashion brands and homogeneous running around, whether in Berlin, Paris or Hong Kong.

Mirror ONLINE: Are the Berlin compared to fashion capital like London, Paris or Rome negligent?

Sebag-Montefiore: You must see to the city, in which people live. Berlin has a wonderful charm, there are old houses in addition to modern, everywhere graffiti, beautiful parks, which grow wild, not as accurate as in England. The Berlin bear, what fits with their urban surroundings. In Rome there are again many colors and a rich light that reflects itself in architecture in colorful fashion. The light is missing for this in a gray city like London, with us, but a few Sain understand their precise craft.

Mirror ONLINE: Currently spoken much about the fashion of powerful women in the politics. What do you think of Angela Merkel’s always same pants and jacket combination?

Sebag-Montefiore: It’s about what works. Steve Jobs had always black jeans, a jacket and a Turtleneck Sweater. That was his philosophy of efficiency. He has found out what works and repeat it. Merkel exudes security and integrity. I would still advise you to more elegance.

Mirror ONLINE: How would you consider Angela Merkel?

Sebag-Montefiore: I would make more fluid lines of her jackets. They need a cleaner structure, and often they fall together at her, throwing wrinkles. Women who work in male business fields such as politics, finance, or law, need to be very careful what they have to. Many wear pantsuits, to be seen and heard at all by the men. That should not be, but unfortunately often.

Mirror ONLINE: Mr Mogg, you have studied business administration and never made a Schneider education. How did you meet Mr Sebag-Montefiore?

Mogg: Since I was 15, I’m looking for suits. I started early, sew to used suits from the savile row in London. When I worked in a Bank and in the marketing, found colleagues killed my suits and ordered that with me. My biggest dream was always to have a suit by Edward Sexton, I could not afford but the. So, I went to London and Dominic have offered to make marketing in Germany for the company. He has admitted to it and I’ve got my suit slightly cheaper.

Mirror ONLINE: The long-established noble tailors in London seem generally more on reputation than relying on marketing. Is this enough yet or you missed the connection to the global online trading?

Sebag-Montefiore: Edward Sexton says, our customers are the best advertisement. But in the digital age, that is not enough, we must take part in the online business and sell that’s why lapel pins and shirts on the Internet. But luxury slows down the online sale. With us, a suit will cost an average of 4500 pounds.With so much money, our customers want to be sure that it also fits. And I my clients only with personal advice and when the measurements meet so well, I know who he is and what he needs.