“Forever Style”: a Book For Stylish Women Over 50

Or: Good style knows no age

In the English-speaking world, fashion bloggers are no longer a rarity has long been over 50 years. In this country a lobby strong, adult women emerges gradually in the Internet, which clearly formulate their needs to fashion and style. You make it clear that style knows no age, and that mature women must fashionably do not stand on the offside. Alyson Walsh is such a proponent of the Ageless style. Now, the Fashion blogger and journalist presented their first fashion Advisor for mature women: “Forever – Style How to Look fabulous at every age” (German by analogy: “forever – as you at any age dazzling look stylish”;) Hardie grant books, London 2015). They reflected the fact that the fashion life of the grey generation is as colourful as never before – marked by inventiveness, sovereignty, and lust for life. What is and what is not? What does a woman of best age”” to feel fashionable really good? I have for you to read and summarized the highlights of the book.

The style elements for mature ladies

The book begins with a collection of stylistic elements – from my point of view quite arbitrary -, the women over a certain age needs. It is also with a few prejudices cleaned up: for example, whether women over 50 sneakers or the trendy Boho style can wear or whether beige introduces the end of days. Regular readers of the fashion Whisperer of course already know that… The style elements, Alyson Walsh cited are:

Fit and proportions:

Adult women need clothes that fit and balanced proportionally . The right cuts and a skillful handling of volume are half the battle on the way to a good style – how true!

Boho style:

Boho – and vintage fashion is wearable in any age – if the silhouettes and cuts will be kept simple. It’s always on the dose…

Beige or colored:

Beige do not old to do if combined with bold colors and only the best quality is used. Vibrant colors look great at any age, if they are worn to neutral colours, colour-blocking style or brave from head to toe. Pastel – the eternal color of baby – making old. I agree only to a limited extent.

Layering as an insider tip:

“This” can decide about the look. Here is a plea for long tank tops, as well as black and white T-Shirts that enrich every layered look. More tips about unfortunately stuck in the approach. That have been interested but especially because layering is a true art that must be learned.

Accessories that need mature women:

  • A great scarf or cloth acts as a lift for face – Yes!
  • The right jewelry depends of your own taste and style personality – opulent or delicate, real jewelry or fashion jewelry, everything goes.
  • Every woman from 50 has the right to wear comfortable shoes – also sneakers when stylish combined. Yes!
  • A chic pair of sunglasses is always the last resort, if with eye make-up, anything goes.

I suppose you did know many of these findings or?

Style types for ladies over 50

In this chapter, Alyson Walsh leads a few Typical style personalities , which occur most frequently in women over 50. Alyson, stressing that although every woman to cultivate their own style to it is but still very natural, to join a group with similar style preferences and beliefs. I could see me right again in any case in several types. Which of the following descriptions fits you?

The casual glamorous

The outfit of this species revolves around casual, timeless basics for an ‘Every-day-look’. This example consists of the favorite pair of jeans, a plain tunic dress or a cashmere sweater. To at least a part of the statement added however to any outfit that could come from the luxurious evening wear: a top adorned with beads, a sequined skirt, flashy diamond jewelry, sexy Animal Print or shiny metallic shoes, bags, jackets.

It turns out an exciting relationship based on reciprocity: the showpieces are grounded by discreet fashion basics, the correct dose of bling-bling hyped the simple outfit to the interesting mix of styles. What woman?

The “ever oller per dollar” troupe

Now it is stained. Because an entire generation refuses to go back to the turbos. Instead, gray-haired ladies with turbans or bright red dyed hair, en masse heaping bangles and chains, brightly patterned outfits rebel. Also over 50, women can be punk if she wants. Main thing is, it is not invisible. Safely fashionable over the strands beat, women over the age of 50 have the necessary sovereignty, anyway.

The powerful

More and more women over 50 enter the boardrooms. You reveal maintained and professionally, without focusing too much on the male dominated fashionable details. High quality, convenient, simple, cool and controlled are the words that describe this look. The powerful makes love to clear commitments in simple, perfect cuts.

You stays with basics made of luxurious materials, and adds a subtle, personal touch. White blouse or button blouses, shift dresses, pencil skirts, blazers, further tailored pants, pumps with human heel and cashmere tops characterised the outfits. Also colour remains happy to hold back the powerful and mostly wears base colors. Comfortable and feminine, but not cluttered, is the motto.

The Gentlewoman or the androgynous

The Gentlewoman mixed female and male styles. You preferred technically well-made, long-lasting garments made of noble materials and like to know where your clothes come from. You carefully weighing their purchases and has a good sense of appealing proportions. Also the functionality of clothing is important – as well as fine details that fall only on second glance in the eye.

A wardrobe without male-inspired Brogues or Chelsea boots, white T-Shirts, shirt blouses, a men’s wrist watch or classic Levi’s 501 jeans is unthinkable for them. With the androgynous is very sexy – but in an unobtrusive way.

The Frenchwoman in the heart

The legendary French chic seems to be a very popular vision of good style for many women over 50. In particular the inner attitude of the typical French, despite (or because?) their casualness is so incredibly sensual, a fascinating contradiction. Often admired the “nonchalance” of the French. Where I at this point like to note that this word can take on translated very different meanings: of laxity in the sense of coolness, of carelessness, negligence and even negligence.

A certain, shown here in a very obvious way, female self-confidence – a look that says to itself, is meant to be the own body and the own femininity in the pure. Frenchwomen allow themselves to be, whose Körper will be cherished also with over 40 years of an erotic nature. This is reflected in their clothing. You know what is available to them, bear the cuts that flatter your body. She’s staying with simple, cool basics, where they give their own touch with accessories and a small dose of seemingly random negligence. And most important: you show their natural sensuality – but quite decently and if it’s just an unclosed blouses button.

The lover of Scandinavia

The woman inspired by the Nordic design loves the casual understatement. This woman is the beauty of the design in its simplicity and functionality. She leaves the attention others like, cool restraint is her thing. Also the lover of Scandinavian style loves playing with male and female accents, but retains minimalist silhouettes, neutral colors and natural materials. Between them the merriest patterns emerge however repeatedly, because also a northern light has a sunny side!

The Ageless rocker

Cool is also Rocky. These show more and more mature ladies who want also with 50 years and on black boots, leather leggings, biker jacket and military-style clothing . These trappings of the rock chic have become now timeless fashion basics, which will remain always valid TV trends. Trends but never fast are yesterday rocker ladies!

Flawless beauty goes, comes clean femininity.

In Chapter 3, 5 and in the trailer, Alyson Walsh dedicated to the beauty and wellness topics for mature women. It can be found many tips on how you can make your individual beauty mature skin with grey hair shine. By proper skin care, makeup tricks and the admonition to regular exercise, to recommendations leading dermatologists and makeup artists, which beauty products really bring something, these chapters are a colorful journey through the wellness resort.

I feel this content as interesting summary of what is possible and what is not, what makes sense and what not. A very relaxed attitude to aging is felt throughout: the aging to want to stop, is nonsensical and not worthy of a strong woman. To understand the female aging in its richness and its special aesthetics and to make the most of every phase of life, is the motto that I see between the lines. That’s it!

The adhesive of a good wardrobe: reliable basics.

In Chapter 4 are Alyson Walsh, and I quite agree: there are timeless, daily portable clothes that hold together a stylish wardrobe. Women over 50 know what is her body, what they like and what feels good. From these basics they can put together their own personal everyday uniform. The following fashion basics include Alysons favorites:

Comfortable but stylish shoes:

It is essential to buy good shoes for elderly feet. These are flat, stylish shoes, such as Brogues, Chelsea boots, preferred Sling-backs or boots. Also pumps are preferred as flat or medium high. Otherwise, a platform sandal helps to keep the heel height in borders.

The light blue shirt:

A light blue shirt is more stylish than the white blouse – at least according to the author – to combine. It simply fits all and makes the wearer look always fresh. This includes also the denim shirt!

Black pants:

According to Alyson, black pants is a time saving miracle. It is chic and always a stylish option – at the Office, day and night. Fabrics, cuts and combinations like the passage of time and seasonal change, the black pants but remains.

The special casing:

Here Alyson rejected the Basic coat in neutral color. In a striking color and an unusual cut he should be. Because sometimes the coat is the only thing stand out one person from a group and makes appear alive. I’m a little skeptical…

The jeans:

Comfortable, easy to carry and suitable just for every day: what would we do without denim? Small tip to: Wearing jeans with stretch – this pinch more to women over the age of 50 have earned convenience!

The silk blouse:

Glamour easy, flowing, luxurious – a silk blouse gives any outfit instantly.

The fantastic Blazer:

The clean-cut, high-quality Blazer gives any outfit immediately contour and class. This works well with jeans and a T-Shirt. I agree: If you in a garment invest want to, in a really great Blazer!

The grey top:

Whether T-Shirt, sweatshirt, or Cashmere sweater – a grey top stylishly holds together any outfit. It is only important that you choose the right shade of gray for your color type .

The dress:

A woman’s dress or blouse dress wrap dress, the other – every woman has a favorite dress that could carry them in endless variations. For Alyson’s are tunic dresses that make your ideal neutral canvas for all sorts of style experiments.

The stripy shirt:

The striped shirt is a classic, which is never out. A stripy shirt gives any pants or jeans a piece of understated glamour. And it is portable today even with floral patterns in the mix…

The suit or jumpsuit:

OK, the “jumpsuit” – like overalls today are called–is again mega said. And Alyson is enthusiastic about this re-discovery of the classic. With one, she’s right: woman is immediately attracted to depending on fabric choice for daytime or evening – if that’s not convenient times. When the jumpsuit to the modern version of the little black mutates, I will like to convince me.

Wonderful illustrations and still wundervollere interviews

At the conclusion I would draw attention you on two details of the book, have addressed me personally, especially:

A these are the wonderful illustrations of Australian artist Leo Greenfield. You give the book so much charm that you continue always want to scroll and wished the dance from stylish female figures would never stop.

On the other hand several mini-interviews can be found between the chapters each with real style personalities of the generation 50 plus. Among them are a beauty and fashion entrepreneurs, stylists, artists and designers as well as DJs, professors and journalists. You all talk about the age, the relaxed ageing and related questions of style. The answer to a question was always fascinated with:

What would you say today like your 15 year old self?

For all mothers of pubescenting daughters, the answers are worth gold. My Tip: Copy and hang on the wall of the room your daughter!

Conclusion: Many tips and very much backing for the revolution of the mature women

Even if not all tips are brand new, I agree not all personal preference of the author and I a little more details would have liked in some places, the book “Style forever” by Alyson Walsh is definitely worth reading. If you venture on an English-language book, you will have the one or other AHA effect and much joy.

What makes the book for me but especially special is his message between the lines. Because the book is a plea for a revolution that is long overdue: the desire of women over 50 against invisibility and drawers thinking in a society dominated by the cult of youth. It calls to us: age and ageing is colorful, beautiful and desirable! It brings women freedom, ease and joie de vivre. Mature women have the privilege to live and to do what they want – and this is true not only for the fashion.

Or how do you see that? Will you read the book or have you read it? What impression did you win? I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

If I could convince you: Here you can download the book “style forever” buy directly from Amazon (affiliate link: If you click here, I do a mini paid for your purchase.) Thanks for that!). And if you need even more arguments: you will find a very good review of the book at the Lady of style, Annette Höldrich, who shares my recommendation and with their enthusiasm, it has convinced me to buy the book. Thank you for this good tip, Annette!