Fashion Trends by Kaluana Boutique

Hello fashionistas! Prepared for more an editorial filled with fashion trends, with looks ready to jump off the screen straight to the closet? Our virtual showcase is pumping of novelties and warning: if you have good taste get ready to suffer because it is impossible to hold the credit card! (The husbands don’t see this rant!) Hahahahahaha! Debuting today we got the Kaluana Boutique, which has already reached “putting down” with very cute and attractive prices, the way you love and deserve! Is that good should be diquinha clarooo shared with her friends (no selfishness with friends!), so we have a way to get the clothes of the macaws, we did some penis is especially productions decked out and yeah … were flashes and flashes everywhere! Result? More an Editorial Fashion that just out of the oven, fresh to you, like bakery bread at 6 o’clock in the morning!

This is the first time that we bring to the blog the looks of the Kaluana Boutique and hope you like, because we love! The store is in the garden, autonomist in Campo Grande/MS, fleeing some of the agglomeration of shops in the city centre and shopping malls. The proposal is to offer guests a tranquil space, easy to park (too important these days!), with a variety of clothes and prices to suit all budgets. We found very nice, after all this is proof that our capital is growing and offering more and more fashion options for us poor mortals consumerist!