Elin Kling: Collection Is Based on My Gut Feeling

It was a kill friend who suggested that Elin Kling would start blogging, because he thought her dress was unique and proprietary. She dismissed the idea and said no. But he did not and was able to convince her. She started the blog Style By Kling. There are a number of years ago now and today has her blog, made to both fashion houses and fashion magazines all over the world become aware of Mariestad girl.

Today she runs not only blog but also fashion magazine Styleby, and clothing brand Nowhere. For a couple of seasons ago created her own collection for H & M, which was hailed around the world. This fall, she is up to date with a further collaboration with the American brand Guess by Marciano. As the first outsider, she has been honored to create a custom collection for fashion house which celebrates 30 years this year.

On Friday launched the sale of Elin Kling and Guess by Marciano collection at NK in Stockholm. We at Damernas.se took the opportunity to talk with her about the cooperation. Read the interview after the click. The collection, you can see by clicking on the images below.

Elin Kling, tell me about your collaboration with the Guess by Marciano.
– Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess, contacted me via email. He had tried to reach me twice, but I’ve seen it, but thankfully, he had even contacted my agent in London. He was very secretive and just said “we would like to do a thing with Elin, she may come to LA in a meeting?” I just thought they wanted with my face in any campaign or so. My agent managed to convince me to go there. I liked the idea that I didn’t know what to expect.

– In the spring of 2012 was supermodel Claudia Schiffer as their public face, which would symbolize the Guess. But ahead of their autumn campaign, they want to find someone who would symbolize the future and that was when I came into the picture. Claudia would stand for “the past” and I would stand for “the future” for Guess by Marciano. How I could contribute was not quite clear when we had our first meeting, but we talked a bit and concluded that a private collection would be perfect.

What did you have for relationship to Guess before you started working with them?
“I had no clear relationship to them actually. Or when I was younger I wanted to be a model for them, but that was all. Their pictures were always so flirty and fun. It looked like the models had so much fun during their shoots. But I have never been a major customer of them. Of course, I have had some of their jeans, but much more than that could not get hold of in Marion, where I grew up.

It seems like a dream collaboration. Is that how you see it?
“For me, it has been absolutely fantastic to work with the Guess in LA. They have been much sweat and tears, but also much laughter. We have come very close. And so we have Paul, then, who is very involved in everything. Although he is a 75-year-old man, so I feel a lot like him. And I think he felt the same. But it has been an occupation, I feel exhausted now. I really need a few weeks off before I start on the next project. But it is when you want to do something very good.

How long did it take to make this collection?
“We started last fall and was completed in January this year. All my thought when I accepted, was that I would go away on holiday, all by himself. I planned to go to Cape Town, where I would have to rent a room. All to try to work out what it was I actually wanted to do with this collection. But as I talked with the Guess who said that they needed the first 14 sketches within two days. So there was no trip to Cape Town. The performance anxiety just pushed me down.

You’re not a person who works best under pressure?
Well, actually, I’m probably the … I decided to take a meeting with Paul Marciano, who told a lot about the company and their history for me. And when I came out of that meeting, it was as if all the pieces fell into place. I knew what I wanted to do! I used the me of Guess iconic images for inspiration. I did about their classic garment to how I would like to wear them today, 2012. The best of this cooperation has been that I’ve never had time to think about “is it really what I want to do?”, “I want that color or another color?” but everything has just come on. It can be said that the entire collection is based on my gut feeling.

Tell us about the shoot of the campaign.
“We were in Joshua Tree, outside of LA and took pictures. Steel connections really is Paul Marcianos thing and it has been for the last 30 years. It was with the agreement we signed, that when it comes to promotional shoot, I wouldn’t have much to say. I got simply do not have control over it. It was very difficult for me to go along with it, because the campaign would be seen all over the world, but in the end I gave me. I put together a moodboard for the shoot, according to their wish theme “future”. Western, matadors and the Spanish girl, were things that inspired me. So I showed up my ideas, and said something like, “here’s how I would have made the shoot, but it’s up to you to decide, Paul”. It was kind of like I wanted, but it was just as he who “got control”. It’s about psychology.

What will be the next step for you? What are your future plans?
“I think there is a lot of fun making clothes and I am very glad that I arrived at it sometimes it can be hard to know what you really feel. “I think it’s fun because I like to dress me, or think I really if the process?” We should certainly not call himself a designer, then you get a knife in the back right away, but I have had two good training sessions thanks to my collaborations with the Guess and H & m. I would absolutely consider myself to continue drawing the clothes, but I’ve Styleby also. What happens next remains to be seen. “Nothing in fashion, it will be in all cases.