Chloe Sevigny in Elle, The Revived 1980s!

Chloe Sevigny It is definitely one of the darlings of Jezebel and also the magazine Elle. not only the actress from Big Love gives fashion advice but that next month is dedicated to him a full editorial in which the Sevigny takes all the glamour of the 1980s and update it.

Anyone saying that it is a dead decade and that there to rescue her, because Chloe does with a gorgeous in that style It combines the vintage touch of certain garments designer with signatures to street parts. I.e., we can have a beautiful silk-monkey’s Armani and in another image a picture of a black Turtleneck Sweater from Mango. Anything goes.

In the interview Chloe explains because it uses all the vintage except for the shoes in which gives a touch more lie and worry-free. And definitely after seeing these pictures I if that would continue her fashion advice. You can see that the ribbons to mark the figure can replace belts with a touch of femininity. It does so with the monkey of Armani and a grab-bag of French Connection jacket.

Most of the designs come in black, with what Chloe tries to recover the sophistication of the eighties without going too far flawless cut like jackets, gloves and bags in contrasting colours are the best way to give game a piece.

The touch of gloves I like as many bracelets over and half corrugated gives it a very retro touch to the topic, but also the sandalais with studded and leather give the rocker to the set point.

I think that all these outfits point are in attachments, whether ties, belts, hats, gloves, handbags or shoes. Don’t forget the touch of animal print and the lace stockings. They are the ultimate.