Cascade Siskiyou National Monument – Oregon

Cascade Siskiyou National Monument – Oregon

Diverse flora and fauna

According to Acronymmonster, the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument Conservation Area is located in southwestern Oregon, United States, in the Jackson County region of the Siskiyou Mountains. The city of Medford is only half an hour’s drive away. The area borders the US state of California to the south. The Cascade Siskiyou National Monument was only designated in 2000. The area of ​​the protected area is 214 km². The region is still largely untouched by tourists, so hiking in almost endless solitude is possible undisturbed (apart from mountain lions and black bears).

Mountain Lion / Puma in the Siskiyou Mountains in Oregon

Within Siskiyou National Monument there are extensive oak forests, sparse juniper regions, meadow regions dotted with flowering plants in spring and summer, and conifer stands. The number of insect species and bird species living there is large and diverse. Different ecosystems keep changing.

High biodiversity in the nature reserve

The protected area is located between the Siskiyou Mountains and the Cascade Range or Cascade Mountains and is relatively close to the Pacific Coast. The Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is known for its exceptionally high biodiversity of flora and fauna and its geological features. Different ecosystems meet and mix in the Siskiyou region. The dry steppe of the Great Basin extends into the area from the east, along with the high mountain ecosystem of the Cascade Range and the temperate rainforest of Oregon’s extended coastal region.

Extensive forests in the Siskiyou Mountains

worth of protection is not entirely undisputed

The Cascade Siskiyou National Monument was ultimately established to preserve the uniqueness of the high biodiversity in the sanctuary for future generations should climate change not make its own history in the region. The protected area is not without controversy in the regional public, since there are always problems in terms of economic forestry, mining in the region and agricultural operations. Property rights in the region are a patchwork of “public” and private property.

Der markante Pilot Rock – Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon

Am Pacific Crest Trail

The heart of the National Monument is formed by the Soda Mountain Wilderness. The long-distance Pacific Crest Trail runs through the Sikiyou region, dividing the protected area in half. Boating is available on Hyatt Lake, as well as fishing. There are beautiful views of the region from Soda Mountain, Hobart Bluff and Pilot Rock. The largest mammals in the sanctuary are moose, mountain lions and black bears. In addition, about 200 species of birds have been identified in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. The region in question is easily accessible from Interstate-5 from California.

Oregon Caves National Monument

Valuable nature and stalactite caves

Oregon Caves National Monument is located in the US state of Oregon, in the Northwest of the United States. The cave is located in the Siskiyou Mountains within Mount Elijah Mountain. The California border is not too far away. The whole area has a size of about 2 km².

Looking inside the Oregon Caves – marble rocks

The main feature of Oregon Caves National Monument is a “stalactite cave”. The special thing about the Oregon Caves is that the caves were washed out of marble. But the National Monument also protects valuable flora and fauna above ground.

Forgotten Beauty in Oregon

For over 80 years, a hotel has stood just outside the entrance to Oregon Caves. The Oregon Caves were discovered in 1874. But it took a long time before the first visitors came to the cave. In 1909 the cave was designated as Oregon Caves National Monument. Approximately 75,000 visit the Marble Cave in southern Oregon annually.

Cascade Siskiyou National Monument