Cargo Pants, Sleeveless Blouse and Espadrilles

This week I had to laugh-which is really more than daring in the autumn burglar… Finally, at 9 degrees in August-in my August… my birthday month, the laughter could pass. But no-I still had a laugh despite the long cargo pants and the long sleeves.

Okay-I’m a sunny mind and maybe have a slanting sense of humor … That is, I laugh constantly and over everything… sometimes it may be funny. But there are enough situations in life that could make me laugh… but what remains then? So laughs… POINT… You can get more from Thembaprograms.

Chaos Where The Eye Looks

And this week, I had to laugh very heartily when I was standing in front of one of our chaotic cabinets… I think I already mentioned that I am a mess. This is why I am also a very big admirer of this clean, chic, mostly white Instagram interiors, but even I/we are really miles away with our living situation… There is chaos wherever the eye looks and it also seems as if there is To whom no escape.When my husband at my request, to me a crate worried, into which I wanted to put my paperwork for the b-log “was” in the first place very great. But hey, the crate is transparent…. I guess she was exactly that in the special offer.

Sense Or Nonsense

I mean, who would like to let his chaos disappear into boxes and then buy one that is transparent. Model builders perhaps or fanatical Lego supporters. But I have never heard of a chaot collecting his documents in transparent crates. And no, that is now no discussion about the meaning or nonsense of boxes and paperwork. Believe me, I know what I’m doing. O:-) I’m 40-I know how it goes… The doubters can now please sit down again and adjust their murmurs… because now red I.? ?

Household Electronics

So I’m standing in front of the cupboard-we’re in the basement, I forgot to mention to get the sandwich maker. My kids love these ham-cheese toast-corners and occasionally, I let myself be carried away and crumble the sandwich toaster out of the closet. No, that alone did not make me laugh. I laughed at the electronic devices, which are otherwise still in the closet. A rice cooker, a donut maker, a coffee machine, a laminating machine, a humidifier and my personal highlight: a bread-baking machine. I am amused amidst all these giant devices, which really need space in the closet and are never used.

I Back A House

With the Reiskocher we always cook too much, the bread from the machine only me. Laminated recipes have long been never, because at some time the film went out and now we store the recipes directly at Chefkoch. The donut maker I got times from my sister, the air is moistened by wet laundry, which never seems to go out in our household, and the coffee machine… you never know if ours does not even give up the ghost and then? We are ready! I think there are a few other things around that a household really desperately needs… A set to cut out the shapes you need for a gingerbread house, for example. In the meantime there are always the finished forms to buy, but I still come from an era, where the house sides had to “bake” itself… if one can it. I’m just saying baking is not everything.

Gingerbread Vs. Gingerbread To Clean Up

In any case, I had already thought this week that I might start practicing-so to bake walls… at 9 degrees I just get really fond of gingerbread…. Hihi… I guess Denise from Miss order would beat her hands over her head when she saw what we had to have so much time… and now mostly rumdümpelt in the closet… Okay, before I bake house pages, I use the tolerable summer weather I’d like to do this, but I guess the short cuts have other plans…?

Cargo Pants, Sleeveless Blouse And Espadrilles

…and maybe the weather still has a look and I’m going to clear the drumrum? And I can hopefully put my cargo pants back in the closet… But now there is still an outfit with the green pants-with no sleeveless blouse… and espadrilles but so a bit summery and a few sunrays, but today unfortunately again thick clouds of rain Have been lost. So it can be only better… still have a mega Friday, the sun in the heart and a good start to the weekend, dear greeting-Conny ??


black pants white blouse

black pants white blouse


MICHAEL Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors