Cambodia – Exotic Diversity

Cambodia – Exotic Diversity

According to countryaah, Cambodia is a country with a long history, which means that there are an infinite number of natural wonders to see. Take a boat down the Tonle Sap River. Move through the forest that was once home to the Khmer Rouge (now overgrown and teeming with wildlife). Watch the sunrise over the Angkor Wat temple, or walk off the usual highways and find smaller jungle villages and temples where you can really see the Cambodian lifestyle. Short for KH by abbreviationfinder, Cambodia is a country located in southeastern Asia.

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Cambodia – 11 days

Day 1 Departure from Sweden

Day 2 Arrival in Phnom Penh

On arrival you will be met by our local partner for transfer to the hotel. After checking in at the hotel, it is fun to end the day with a walk along the Mekong River harbor promenade. People gather here when the sun is not so strong and a cooling breeze comes in from the river, and this is for an outsider a spectacle that gives a picture of everyday life in Phnom Penh.

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Day 3 Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is still marked in some parts of its violent and tragic contemporary history. Here, beautiful palace-like buildings in the French colonial style and immense architectural building treasures from the ancient Khmer kingdom are mixed with dilapidated houses and residential areas. In the morning you do a tour of the city and visit i.a. the magnificent royal palace area with the Silver Pagoda, whose floor is covered with silver tiles. You will also see the National Museum, with Khmer art and sculptures from different periods in Cambodia. After lunch, it’s time for contemporary history. You visit “The Detention Center of Tuol Sleng”, the school that was turned into a prison during the Khmer Rouge’s period of terror and today is a museum that with its torture rooms, cells and execution sites bears witness to what happened inside its walls. You then continue to “The killing fields” in Chuong Ek which was the place where 17,000 people were executed. At the end of the day, you can visit one of the two large markets that are within walking distance of your hotel. Psar Thmei (Central Market), with its intense public life and housed in a large yellow Art Nouveau building with one of the world’s largest domes, or “The Russian market” a bustling market for those who like to bargain. The rest of the afternoon and evening is free for your own activities. or “The Russian market” a bustling market for those who like to bargain. The rest of the afternoon and evening is free for your own activities. or “The Russian market” a bustling market for those who like to bargain. The rest of the afternoon and evening is free for your own activities.

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Day 4 Phnom Penh – Siem Reap

After breakfast, you continue by bus to Siem Reap, which we arrive in just before lunch and here it’s time for you to experience one of the real highlights of the trip for a couple of days. In the afternoon you make a first visit to the world’s largest temple area to see, one of the wonders of the world, the impressive Angkor Wat. Here you can also see the long reelie walls with i.a. legends from the history of the Khmers and the tales of Hinduism. You end the day’s visit by enjoying the sunset over Angkor Wat.

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Day 5 Siem Reap

Located in the middle of Cambodia’s northern jungle, Angkor is far from a single temple but is a vast territory covering almost 100 square kilometers and with hundreds of magnificent buildings in various styles that, like precious stones, have shone in the jungle greenery for over a thousand years. Today you explore the southern part of Angkor Thom, with the famous Bayon Temple and the “Elephant Terraces”. You see the Bayon Temple and the two small twin temples Thommanon and Chau Say Tevoda. In Ta Prohm, the jungle temple, the giant roots of the trees, like octopus arms, have hugged the once stately temple and right here nothing is renovated but nature is allowed to show who is the strongest. You also get time to wander around on your own and enjoy this different environment.

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Day 6 Siem Reap

After breakfast, return to Angkor and visit Banteay Srei, one of the Angkor area’s most important and refined temples. and decorations. After lunch, explore the floating villages and markets of TonlĂ© Sap and be fascinated by the ingenious buildings and communications. During the rainy season between May and October, the water flow in the Mekong is so high that it floods into the lake. This makes Tonle Sap one of the world’s foremost fishing areas.

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Day 7 Siem Reap – Phnom Penh

After breakfast you will return to Phnom Phen by car where you will arrive in the afternoon. The rest of the evening to explore the city on your own.

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Day 8 Phnom Penh – Kep

Continue by bus to Kep, a picturesque little town that is beautifully situated on the coast. With Kep as a base, you can make excursions to the nearby city of Kampot and the nearby Ream and Kirirom National Parks. From Kep you can also make excursions to islands out at sea, most famous is Rabbit Island which is also easy to get to. The pace in Kep is pleasant, take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the good Cambodian food.

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Day 9 Kep

On your own. Kep is an ancient bathing resort where Cambodia’s jet sets gathered for holidays and recreation just before the Khmer Rouge came to power. Kep is beautifully situated in a bay and around the small town there are caves and pagodas to visit.

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Day 10 Return trip

Today it’s time to end your trip to Cambodia. You have time to make the final purchases at the local market before it is time for the transfer to the airport in Phnom Phen to begin the journey home.

Day 11 Homecoming

You land again in Sweden during the morning.

Cambodia - Exotic Diversity