Blog Star Ari Seth Cohen Photographs Gunilla Pontén

American Ari Seth Cohen has become a blog star with Advanced style, street fashion blog where he photographs with older style-conscious women. He just visited our capital city to M-Gala awarding the prize for this year’s style to Marianne Bernadotte and took the opportunity to photograph a Swedish fashion woman of rank that won the other Gold button ever, recently received the KTH’s stora pris and creator of fashion for over 50 years. We’re talking of course about Gunilla Pontén. After the click tells Ari Seth Cohen on his blog and Gunilla Pontén gives style tips. Ari Seth Cohen, tell me about your blog and your books
“I photograph older style-conscious ladies and gentlemen from 60-100 years old which I encounter on the streets when I’m traveling. I started the blog Advanced style in 2008 as a hobby but it has become increasingly popular. I have also made a book with street fashion for seniors and are currently working on a documentary about some of the stylish ladies who now also appeared in fashion campaigns. Older ladies were previously ignored by the media but now lifted the front. They are just waiting to be discovered. We cannot ignore such a large part of the population, it’s their time now.

And how come you’re shooting Gunilla Pontén?
“I was here two years ago and when I was looking for women to take pictures for my book Advanced style told everyone I met that I had to photograph Gunilla Pontén. I was looking for her and found her not so this time I got help in getting in touch with Gunilla. She has a unique, personal style and it really stands out in Stockholm.

What do you have for something going on in the future?
“I will continue with my documentary, the more books and a project in which young bloggers and older ladies talk about style. I also have plans to create a bit of fashion itself.

Gunilla Pontén, what are your tips to age gracefully?
– Stand out more and please have something on his head. Pasty pattern, I think we can avoid, you can be stylish and yet amazing. Black and white art-deco-inspired, I think is really neat. Cut the hair too so looking much younger and have not only sportswear.