Black Sea Coast of Romania

Black Sea Coast of Romania

The Black Sea coast extends from the Danube branch to the north and to the Vama-Veke area to the south. It is divided into two sections – the northern one, with a relief characteristic of deltas and lagoons (between Musura and Cape Midia), and the southern one, with a high steep coast, bays and capes (between Cape Midia and the Vama Veke area near the border with Bulgaria). See for education and training in Romania.

With the help of local sapropelic mud, rheumatic, gynecological and skin diseases, as well as metabolic disorders are treated at coastal resorts. Here you can also take rejuvenation courses according to the unique method of Professor Anna Aslan.

The main resorts are Mamaia, Constanta, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti, Neptune Olympus, Jupiter, Cap Aurora, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia.

Weather on the Black Sea coast of Romania

On the Romanian coast, the climate is dry, steppe, similar to the Crimean. The tourist season lasts from the second half of May to October.

The beaches of the Black Sea coast of Romania

The beaches are wide, sandy, smoothly descending into the sea. The sand itself is always velvety, golden, clean and fine. The bottom is flat, without breaks. The coast is facing east, so you can comfortably swim here early in the morning, minimizing the dose of harmful ultraviolet radiation. The widest beaches are located in Mangalia and Techirghiol, where their width reaches 250 m, and in other resorts – from 50 to 200 meters. The sea is calm everywhere, without strong tides.


Not far from the sea are the lakes Costinesti, Adzhigiol and Nuntash, so a beach holiday can be combined with a health improvement. With the help of local sapropelic mud, rheumatic, gynecological and skin diseases, as well as metabolic disorders are treated at coastal resorts. Here you can also take rejuvenation courses according to the unique method of Professor Anna Aslan.

Entertainment and attractions

Tourists can visit the Greek fortresses of Histria, Tomis (now Constanta) and Kalatis (now Mangalia). From the coast, you can make excursions to the Danube Delta (~ 55-60 EUR), to the monasteries of Bukovina, Bucharest (~ 60 EUR), Prahova Valley or go to Bulgaria (~ 80-90 EUR). Another option is wine tasting in Murfatlar (~ 35 EUR). Sightseeing tour of Bucharest (~ 35 EUR), sightseeing tour of Transylvania (~ 55-60 EUR). Castle tours: Dracula’s Castle, Bran + Brasov + Rasnov (~ 35-40 EUR), Peles + Pelisor Castles, Sinai Monastery (~ 30-35 EUR).

To travel to Bulgaria, you need to apply for a visa in advance in Moscow, and the Romanian visa in this case must be double-entry.

Tennis, billiards, mini-golf, bowling, horseback riding and motor scooter rides are popular on the coast.

The prices on the page are for December 2021.


Jupiter Resort is located 40 km from Constanta, its wonderful sandy beach stretches for about a kilometer along a picturesque bay. Jupiter is well suited for family vacations: the abundance of greenery (the resort is adjacent to the Komorova forest) creates a calm and cozy atmosphere here. For outdoor enthusiasts, a 10-minute walk away is the resort of Neptune Olympus, rich in sports centers.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to the resort is from Constanta railway station, by car or by regular bus.


The infrastructure of the beach allows you to use sun loungers and umbrellas, visit bars and eateries, use equipment for outdoor activities on the water. The entry into the sea is gentle here, which is very convenient for families with children, and the climate is good for children: the summer temperature is, on average, about +22 ° C, and the winter temperature is about +1 ° C. There are at least 25 sunny days per month.


Hotels in Jupiter are of different levels, from the most modest to the most luxurious. Most of the hotels are located in close proximity to the beach. It is possible to rent a villa or cottage, which is beneficial for large companies or families. The service in all hotels is polite, the staff is very attentive to the requests of the guests.

Cuisine and restaurants

There are many catering outlets in the city, many hotels, even very modest ones, often have their own restaurants, the quality of service in which is in no way related to the star rating of the hotels. But the prices in the menu of restaurants at modest hotels are very pleasing (for example, a bottle of good wine costs 2-3 dollars)

Jupiter Attractions and Attractions

The resort is adjacent to the magnificent Komorova forest, which allows you to diversify the resort life by hiking and cycling along the forest paths, breathe in the purest air, saturated with the aromas of forest herbs. And the resort itself does not suffer from a lack of greenery, so it looks fresh, picturesque and cozy. In the central part of the resort there is an artificial Tisman Lake, which not only decorates the city, but also gives coolness on hot summer days.

Traditionally, Jupiter is the resort where you can closely get acquainted with the Romanian musical folklore. Many places of entertainment offer programs that include performances by lyrical doina performers. Music in this original genre will not leave anyone indifferent and will remain in your memory for a long time, just like your stay in Jupiter. And to make memories more vivid, it is worth bringing skillfully made handicrafts from this country as a souvenir, the beauty and functionality of which are obvious.

Black Sea Coast of Romania