Bikini Hot Pants Trend-Pictures and Tips

One of the novelties for summer 2014 is a new bikini model, inspired in bikinis in the 50/60 used by the pin-ups and the divas as Marilyn Monroe. The bikinis, called hot pants, are a model with high waist and covering his butt better. For those who think sensuality on the beach is to use minimal parts, wrong. The model enhances the body and gives a more elegant and charming to the woman. But of course, just like any other bikini model must be used with common sense and you should choose a piece that suits your body type, because the idea is to value and does not enhance the defeitinhos, which after all, every woman has.

Pictures Bikini Hot Pants Trend


The Bikini hides most of the belly, which can show whether or not the navel, because here comes the size of each piece, and will of your choice too. It is ideal for both skinny, because they enhance the silhouette, while for those with a potbelly, because they can hide and to value better the body. Of course the Bikini makes no miracle, it only enhances and adds value to the body.
A tip for those who want to join the fashion is to be good about herself and does not connect to someone else’s opinion. For being a new trend, to use the hot pants, you might attract prying eyes, since the bathers of the Brazilian beaches are accustomed to short and not a piece bikinis more discreet.
If your intention is to get a Tan, do not choose the hot pants. They are presented only for women who do not want to be too exposed to the Sun, because they have a wider and underwear model with high waist bikini mark caused by the Sun in this case can be strange. But if you take Sun and Tan are not the your goal, is totally recommended.
For the more fat or with much, a tip is to use parts without prints at the bottom of the Bikini and with dark colors, such as black or Navy Blue, because balance the body.
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