Biju Franchise of Chica Bracelet

The franchise Biju of Chica combines fashion and low price by offering trinkets for the day to day and special events. What few know is that Biju of Chica can be the ideal option for those looking to open your own business and become a franchisee.

Biju Franchise of Chica Bracelet

The accessories are part of the visual female. After all, most women use these items to add more beauty and style to your productions, buying new jewelry for use both in everyday life and special events.

The franchise Biju of Chica is one of the most successful companies in the sale of jewelry for women, especially for selling a wide range of products and all at single price of R real $10. Want to become a partner of this tag and change your financial life? Follow below all about Biju of Chica:

History of Biju Chica

The company Biju of was created in 2009 by Chica entrepreneurs Sonia Barreto and Zean Olgado, he decided to change the focus of your business, focus on selling jewelry after they tried to open several businesses.

As the two always interested in women’s accessories, chose to invest in jewelry and to differentiate from other stores in the same thread, they thought of a modern business model, different, attractive and it hits all the public, selling the products by single price of R real $10.

The first Lodge of Biju of Chica was created from much study, riding a stock varied composed since earring to belts, in addition to investing in a physical space charming with style and nice to the customers. It didn’t take long for the small business to grow and become successful, being transformed into a network of franchises.

Today, the brand represents the strength, ability and opportunity for those who want to start a business that is simple and at the same time with a high potential for profitability. The company has stores present in 12 States of Brazil, with more than 78 franchised units open.

The franchise keeps your success due to the variety of products it offers, always keeping up with fashion trends, with a lively and contemporary style, in addition to the attractive price.

What are the products sold by Biju Franchise of Chica

The franchise Biju of Chica works with trade in jewellery and accessories geared to the female audience for the unique value of R real $10. Between the products marketed by the company are rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, belts, among others, which are made from the latest fashion trends at national and international level, with good quality materials, guaranteeing to the client end low investment and durability. Here at thembaprograms you can get more different models and styles.

Biju Franchise of Chica Bracelet

Target audience of the franchise Biju of Chica

One of the main benefits of the franchise Biju of Chica is working with an audience quite comprehensive, since it offers products for women from teens to the elderly, which belong to all social economic classes, which makes this business a potential success anywhere.

Advantages of the Biju Franchise Chica

The success of the Biju of Chica in the form of franchise takes place due to all of the benefits that it offers, which contribute positively to the administration of the new investors. See below what are the main advantages of Biju of Chica:

1-lower cost Investment

One of the attractions of the franchise Biju of Chica is the fact of having a low investment cost, being an excellent business opportunity for those who want to open your own business, but does not have an excessively high capital. The relief is characterized by having a low investment and a cheap operating system, which provides financial profits and even a possibility of extra income.

2-Stock Renovated With Frequency

Offer news is a very important factor for any business that wants to keep customers ‘ interest in their products. Come to think of it, the franchise Biju of Chica renews your stock frequently, aiming to bring news in jewelry and accessories to consumers and stimulate the desire to buy to keep sales levels at any time of the year.

3-High Profitability

The franchise Biju of Chica has a formula that combines a variety of products, low price and a diverse target audience, which helps to sell more and more people, which results in high profitability. That way, the franchisees can change your financial life through this business.

4-opening of the business without Need of experience

To open the franchise Biju of Chica is a must have from 18 years of age.The company does not require the franchisee any specific vocational training or experience in the area of trade, because it trains the new entrepreneurs, downloading all the knowledge, operational and administrative processes that are necessary to maintain the standard of quality of the mark.

5-reduced risk

The franchise is considered of low investment and high yield, in addition to being part of a stable and profitable market segment, which makes Open the franchise Biju of Chica has a reduced risk, leaving the franchise less exposed to the possibility of failure and bankruptcy.

6-fast market

For company formats that take to “engage” and take revenge on the market. This is not the case the franchise of Chica because she Biju has a rapid insertion into the market due to the fact of selling a wide variety of products for a very affordable I perish for the entire public interested in buying jewelry, which reinforces the demand by consumers.

7-heavy flow of People With wide range of products

The franchise Biju of Chica has a business format developed to have a heavy flow of people and high yield, and to make this possible has a wide range of products, aiming to attract the preference of consumers with different characteristics, personalities and styles.

Biju Franchise of Chica Bracelet

How much does it cost to open Franchise Biju of Chica

To open the franchise Biju of Chica is necessary to make an investment of approximately R $600 $50,000.

The rate of acquisition of the franchise revolves around R $15,000 R $20,000 $600 thousand reais. Also, must have an average working capital R $10,000 thousand dollars to pay for the costs of the first month of operation, in addition to the monthly royalty fees, marketing and advertising.

What is the billing of the Biju Franchise Chica

It is estimated that the revenues of the franchise is between R da Chica Biju $12,000 thousand to R $25,000 thousand reais. The profit may vary according to the characteristics of the consuming public and the region in which the business is located.

The franchise’s turnaround time from Biju Chica

The average return of the franchise the Chica is Biju 12 to 24 months of operations in the market.

How to open Franchise Biju of Chica

To open the franchise Biju of Chica is needed contact the company by phone or website, where you have to click the icon “Franchise”, then contact and fill in your personal and professional data.

Or you can enter straight here.

From there, the franchisor will contact you to introduce your franchise model and start negotiations for the opening of the new unit.

Remember that even in low-risk franchises opening is important to evaluate whether the business is a good option for you, this can be done at this link