Argentina As a Destination Country

Argentina As a Destination Country

In a varied Argentina, you can reach the rugged mountains, lush vineyards and beach views in one holiday. The holidays are crowned by tasty food and memorable cultural experiences. Argentina in South America is full of captivating details. The diverse country delights tourists with its dramatic landscapes and vibrant cities.

Cordoba is one of Argentina's most renowned sites

The hustle and bustle of the cities and the peace of nature

According to countryaah, Argentina is the country with more than 40 million inhabitants reaching the southernmost tip of South America. In gigantic Argentina, there is plenty for the tourist to see: the country is the eighth largest in the world.

The full spectrum of nature is on display in Argentina, from rugged mountains to glaciers, coastal landscapes and lush vineyards. In addition to the capital Buenos Aires, the country also has other stunning urban destinations such as the colonial-style Cordoba in central Argentina, the scenic Bariloche and Mendoza, known for its vineyards.

Argentina has many magnificent national parks such as Tierra del Fuego in the south of the country. Those looking for a beach holiday should head to the sandy beaches of Mar de Plata. Cordoba is one of Argentina’s most renowned sites.

A gourmet’s dream

A chef who arrives in Argentina usually has one thing in mind: a good steak. Grilled meat is the absolute number one delicacy in the country, with locals eating an average of 70 pounds a year per person.

The traditional snack, on the other hand, is empanada, a small savory pie that can be stuffed with meat, chicken or vegetables, for example. Dessert is usually found in dulce de leche, a kind of toffee-flavored pudding.

The people in Argentina are hospitable and the evening in the restaurant guarantees a company as well as a wonderful taste experience. If you want a good start to the conversation, talking about football is a surefire way to break the ice.

Argentina is also known as an excellent wine country, whose delicacies can be tasted in the Mendoza wine region, for example. When dining in the restaurant, a glass of good local wine is included.

Seductive tango invites

The rhythms of tango in Argentina cannot be avoided – after all, the country is the birthplace of a dramatic dance. Tango’s melancholy chords are refreshing in towns, streets and villages, and there is no shortage of dancers in the country. The locals are happy to show the chicks the basic steps of the dance.

Argentina is also a great place to attend a dance class. In Buenos Aires, the San Telmo district is a popular tango area where you can both learn to spin yourself or follow the performances of professionals.

Good to know about Argentina

Short for AR by abbreviationfinder, Argentina is suitable for all types of tourists: the country offers a delight for city holidaymakers, gourmets, hikers as well as cultural hawks. Dance, sports, activities – Argentina has almost everything.

For a tourist heading to South America, Argentina is a soft landing for a different culture and way of life. In some places, even European-style Argentina is a safe tourist destination, and in major cities, of course, normal caution must be exercised.

In Argentina, the seasons are reversed from a Finnish perspective: the local summer months run from December to February, while the winter with its ski seasons starts in June. The best time to travel to Argentina is spring, when the weather is pleasantly mild.

The price level in Argentina, which experienced an economic collapse at the beginning of the 21st century, is favorable for Finns. Most money goes back to activities and guided tours.


Argentina is a well-known wine destination, with red wines being particularly popular.

Argentina is a well-known wine destination, with red wines being particularly popular

Flights via European cities

There are no direct flights from Finland to Argentina. The easiest way to travel to the country is to fly in one shift via, for example, England, Germany or Spain to Buenos Aires. At its cheapest, flights can be obtained for just over 700 euros.

Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport is just over half an hour’s drive from the city. From the airport, the journey to the hotel can be continued either by bus or taxi.

Cheap accommodation

In Argentina, accommodation can be found for all kinds of budgets – large hotel chains are spread out in tourist destinations, but small inns and hostels favored by backpackers guarantee a place to stay for a small fee.

A nice option in the countryside is farm accommodation, which allows the tourist to get to know the local people and often also taste the food prepared by them.

The distances are long

In Argentina, movement within a destination varies by location. Buenos Aires has a metro as well as public buses, which are convenient ways to get around the big city. In the countryside, the trip can be folded on foot or by bicycle.

The distances are long in a country the size of Argentina. Destinations of interest to tourists are widespread, and often the most time-saving option is to move from one place to another on domestic flights.

Long-distance buses also operate extensively and are of high quality and inexpensive. The so-called luxury buses are excellent travel games, for example, at night, when you can rest in your bed and save on hotel expenses at the same time.

There is also train traffic in Argentina, but buses have better networks – they cover almost everywhere. An independent traveler traveling longer in Argentina may also want to rent a car.


Buenos Aires is a diverse city destination and a fascinating cradle of culture.

Buenos Aires is a diverse city destination and a fascinating cradle of culture

Buenos Aires is a cozy metropolis

The Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, is a surprisingly European-style city with a fast-paced South American way of life. Buenos Aires is one of the most beloved cities in South America, which is also a safe destination for tourists.

In Buenos Aires, people dance to tango, get excited about football and sit in restaurants until late at night. One of the city’s most popular areas is colorful La Boca, where popping is part of almost every tourist’s program. Cozy cups and a happy go can also be found in the San Telmo district.

In Buenos Aires, also known as the Paris of South America, you should also visit the beautiful Cemeterio de la Recoleta, where you will find the tomb of Eva Peron.

Iguassu Falls

The Iguassu Falls, which stretch to both Argentina and Brazil, are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of South America’s most popular attractions.

The impressive natural site of up to 275 different waterfalls is an unmissable destination for tourists traveling to Argentina as well. You can start exploring the city of Puerto Iguazu, which is most easily reached from Buenos Aires by plane. There are also enough bus transfers.

The waterfalls can be explored both on your own and with the help of a guide.

Mendoza wine region

Located near the Chilean border in the middle of Argentina, Mendoza is known for its numerous vineyards. Indeed, most tourists arrive in Mendoza specifically to tour the vineyards and obtain bottles of gifts to take home.

However, Mendoza is a vibrant city for non-wine holidaymakers alike: the city has colorful markets, bustling cafes and great nightlife.


Iguassu Falls is one of the most amazing natural sites in Argentina.

Iguassu Falls is one of the most amazing natural sites in Argentina

The best travel destinations in Argentina

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Iguassu Falls
  3. Patagonia
  4. Mendoza
  5. Cordoba

The best experiences in Argentina

  1. See spectacular natural wonders from glaciers to lake landscapes.
  2. Experience the South American city noise in Buenos Aires and dance the tango.
  3. Treat yourself to steaks and red wine – local delicacies.
  4. Visit the impressive Iguassu Falls.
  5. Take an excursion to the Mendoza wine region.